Emmerdale broadcasts another twist as Kim Tate confronts Jamie – .

Emmerdale broadcasts another twist as Kim Tate confronts Jamie – .

Emmerdale spoilers follow for the Thursday night episodes (June 24).

Emmerdale aired animated scenes between mother-son enemies Kim and Jamie Tate on Thursday night (June 24).

Recently, Kim (Claire King) had some health issues. At first she thought it could be dementia, but then she realized that someone had tried to poison her.

Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) had been dominating Kim’s brandy with diazepam for two months. Kim found out and played dead to get revenge on Jamie; he walked into Home Farm to see police officers, a doctor, and a body bag that was believed to be for his late mother Kim.

Viewers know Kim is alive and Will Taylor is helping him with his plan – he made Jamie believe he was arrested for poisoning Kim. A worried Jamie had stayed with his girlfriend Dawn Taylor and they were trying to come to terms with Kim’s death and Will’s arrest (not knowing it was a hoax).

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“It doesn’t make sense, he might have wanted revenge on her but for him to go this far, to kill her,” Dawn told Jamie as she struggled to make sense of it. arrest of his father.

Dawn called the police station to find out if her father had been charged, but there was no record of his arrest. Concerned, Dawn didn’t know what to do and a worried Jamie left her panicked.

Jamie returned to Home Farm and started crying as he stood alone in the house.

Will returned to the village and saw Dawn, she was relieved to see him and said she knew he was not able to kill. Will then explained that he helped Kim fake her own death to cheat Jamie and said he did it to protect her.

Angered by Jamie, Will explained, “He was going to get someone else ready for fall and you know who that person was?” Me. She would be dead, I would be gone, he would have the big house, his mother’s the money, and you all to himself. “

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Dawn and Will continued to exchange strong words as she was frustrated that her father hadn’t told her the truth.

Elsewhere, Jamie was looking at camera footage on a screen in the Home Farm estate. The video showed Will pretending to spike Kim’s drink before giving it to him and as Jamie watched in confusion, Kim appeared in the screen reflection and gave her son the shock of his life.

“Surprise! Well, I expected a little more of a home welcome. It’s not everyday that your mom comes back from the dead, ”Kim said with a smile on her face.

Jamie admitted he had a plan and said he was “angry” with his mother and wanted revenge on her for the way she had treated him.

In a series of flashbacks, Kim’s backstory and revenge were revealed. She told Jamie that she would get revenge on him and in an ironic turn of events, she spiked her drink.


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When Jamie tried to get out of Home Farm, Kim reassured him that the doors were locked and that if he tried to call for help, it would be too late. Unconvinced, but still nervous, Jamie asked his mother if she was playing with him.

As Jamie felt the impact of what his mother had given him, he begged her for a second chance and asked for her help before it was too late. Jamie asked if he could talk to his daughter and Kim refused, leading him to tell his mother he hated her.

Kim later revealed that there was no poison in the drink she gave Jamie and she told him he was no longer welcome at Home Farm.

Dawn arrived and confronted Jamie – she said she didn’t want to be with him anymore and left the estate. Jamie told his mother that he was also leaving and that he was not coming back.

Jamie and Kim were at a loss for words and said that they had both lost everything – will either of them be able to move forward after this betrayal?

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week on ITV. All episodes are available now on the ITV hub.

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