Elton John says Brexit is ‘disaster’ for new UK singers – –

Elton John says Brexit is ‘disaster’ for new UK singers – –

London (AFP)

Elton John on Thursday warned of a lost generation in the UK music industry due to post-Brexit restrictions on touring in the European Union.

John was among musicians including Ed Sheeran and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd who signed a letter in January criticizing the Brexit deal.

“Frankly speaking, we are currently at risk of losing a generation of talent due to the gaping holes in the government’s trade deal,” the “Rocket Man” singer wrote on his Instagram page.

Britain’s trade deal with the EU, which began earlier this year, no longer guarantees British musicians visa-free travel to the continent.

John, 74, revealed that he met with Brexit Minister David Frost last month to discuss the issue.

“New and emerging artists will not be able to travel freely in Europe – an essential part of their education and development – due to the prohibitive costs of visas, booklets and permits,” he wrote.

“However, despite this looming catastrophe, the government appears unable or unwilling to mend this gaping hole in its trade deal and is blaming the EU rather than finding ways out of this mess.

“If I had faced the financial and logistical hurdles that young musicians face today when I started out, I would never have had the opportunity to build the foundations of my career and I doubt very much I would be where I am. I am today, ”he added.


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