Dryden man wins $ 481,000 in hospital lottery – .

Dryden man wins $ 481,000 in hospital lottery – .

Draw has raised over $ 3.2 million in five months.

THUNDER BAY – The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center had to dig deep Friday to let a Dryden man know he now has $ 481,085 more to play.

I’m at work, in a mine three-quarters of a mile underground. Vic Zajarny said, when he called the president and CEO of the foundation, Vic Glenn Craig, after receiving a text message asking him to call.

“Cell phones don’t work here. Fortunately, we have the Internet, so I was able to see your text, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

Zajarny has been buying 50/50 tickets for months and said he will continue to support the draw, which has raised more than $ 3.2 million since its launch in January.

“About 10 years ago my wife was flown to the intensive care unit in Thunder Bay. I have nothing but good things to say about your hospital. You are at the top. You saved my wife’s life and I will always be grateful to you, ”he said.

“I just like buying tickets to support a good cause. I didn’t expect to win. Not in a million years. “

Craig said he was happy to see someone from the area win the top prize in June.

Ticket buyers must be in Ontario at the time of purchase.

It was only a matter of time before someone from outside Thunder Bay hit the jackpot.

“We have seen support for the Thunder Bay 50/50 from across Ontario,” said Craig. “Of course, a huge percentage of this support comes from Northwestern Ontario, and we are grateful that people recognize that our hospital is regional.

“We call it the Thunder Bay 50/50, but it’s not just about Thunder Bay. People from all over Northwestern Ontario come to our hospital for health care that they cannot get at home. When people buy tickets in the Thunder Bay 50/50, they are really helping people in communities all over the Northwest.

The July draw is already underway, but it comes with a twist.

Unlike the usual guarantee of $ 5,000, foundation officials have guaranteed a prize of at least $ 154,000, with three pre-registration prizes, starting July 2, of $ 2,154.

The 154 is a tribute to Canada Day, the country celebrating its 154th anniversary.

Tickets, which can be purchased at www.thunderbay5050.ca, are five for $ 10, 30 for $ 20, 150 for $ 50 and for a limited time, 304 for $ 75.


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