Doug Ford plans to move Ontario to Stage 2 reopening on June 30, sources say – .

Doug Ford plans to move Ontario to Stage 2 reopening on June 30, sources say – .

TORONTO – Premier Doug Ford plans to bring forward the second stage of Ontario’s economic reopening by two days and is expected to make the final decision at a cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday, CTV News Toronto has learned.

If approved, sources say Stage 2 of the economic reopening would be postponed to June 30, allowing personal care services and larger outdoor gatherings to resume.

It was originally scheduled for July 2, 21 days since Ontario entered Stage 1.

On Wednesday, Premier Ford was asked about speeding up the reopening process, while announcing the inauguration of the future Scarborough subway extension to three stops in Toronto.

“We are working to get to stage 2 as quickly as possible and stage 3 as soon as it is safe after that,” said Ford.

The news comes amid rising vaccination rates and as cases of COVID-19 in Ontario continue to decline in recent weeks.

In fact, on Tuesday, Ontario hit the immunization thresholds required to enter the third and final stage of its economic reopening weeks earlier than expected, with 76 percent of residents aged 18 and over receiving their first dose, while 25 percent of the adult population has been fully immunized.

However, the province’s top health officials have made it clear that the province will wait a minimum of 21 days before moving to the next stage of reopening.

Ford said Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams and Health Minister Christine Elliott are currently reviewing data on Ontario’s COVID-19 cases in relation to the reopening.

He said the couple would make an announcement about it “very soon.”

Based on the original timeline, Ontarians expected to move to Stage 3, which allows for the most lenient public health restrictions, by July 23 at the earliest.


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