Does Adam Demos wear a prosthesis in the “Sex / Life” shower scene? The series creator responds! – .

Does Adam Demos wear a prosthesis in the “Sex / Life” shower scene? The series creator responds! – .

Adam Demos has a full frontal scene in the new Netflix series Gender / Life that everyone is talking about.
The 35-year-old Australian actor exhibits EVERYTHING during a shower scene in the third episode of the first season.

So was it all him or was he wearing a prosthetic for the stage? Series creator Stacy Rukeyser speaks to talk about this scene and respond to speculation.

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In an interview with Collider, Stacy was asked if Adam used a double body. She replied, “No. It is not a duplicate of the body. I mean, people usually ask if it’s real or if it’s a prosthesis? “

She continued, “And I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it, which is that a gentleman never says it. So we leave that to the imagination of the viewer. So there you go… it looks like we’ll never know if it’s real or not!

Gender / Life is the story of a love triangle between Billie (Sarah Shahi), son mari Cooper (Mike Vogel), and her past which casts a provocative new look at female identity and desire.

Adam plays the ex-boyfriend of the woman she can’t get out of her head and we look back at their passionate exploits as she writes in her journal about her past. In one scene, the husband follows the ex and trains alongside her in the gym while spying on her. When they go to the showers, the husband sees what his wife’s ex is packing there.

Stacy explained why this scene was so important and why the nudity was not free.

“Most importantly, it’s important to Cooper’s character. It was important to show how obsessed he was with the rabbit hole, that he is now stalking his wife’s ex-boyfriend. Everything is internal, there is no dialogue, and Mike Vogel does such an amazing job with it, but what you see is he’s like, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be following him from his office. Now I follow him from his office. Oh my god, I shouldn’t be following him to the gym. Oh my god, I am in the gym. I buy clothes. I’m working on it. I am obsessed with watching it. He goes in the shower. I shouldn’t be going in the shower. Oh, my God, I’m going in the shower. Now I’m in the shower. I shouldn’t look down. I shouldn’t look down. I can’t help it. Oh my God,’ ” Stacy mentionned.

She continued, “So it wasn’t just for fun. It’s a real story point to show how obsessed he is, and that’s what it is about. And these really weird and mixed feelings that he’s having where it’s titillating for him to read his wife’s experiences and what happened, and they stage them, but it’s also maddening and horrible at the same time. . So that’s really where it comes from.

“Again, a lot of what we set out to do was take a fresh look at female desire and sexuality, and so often in movies or TV shows that are even supposedly about desire, sexuality. , it’s still so much from a male point of view. it’s really about the kind of sex that the man likes and the woman will accept, like that kind of sex, or end up liking that kind of sex, and the camera is hooked to the woman’s body and it’s objectified, and we’ve talked so much about it, it’s about his experience. And frankly, the camera clings a little more to male bodies than to its body because it’s his gaze, it’s his experience. Stacy added. “And so, I really felt like we couldn’t do this show without at least a piece of that, and that it’s really about Cooper and his character. It’s not even really a sexual moment. It’s about bullying and measuring and all that.

Did you know that Adam is dating one of his Gender / Life co-stars in real life ?!


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