Doctors Explain How Long You Can Return To Your Pre-COVID Training Routine – .

Doctors Explain How Long You Can Return To Your Pre-COVID Training Routine – .

When it comes to mild infections, where there is no lung involvement, patients can resume their normal activities. Although strict activities should be avoided for a while, Dr. Udyavar recommends, at least light exercise like walking, brisk walking can be started after 10-12 days or two weeks of testing negative for COVID infection. “But if someone feels short of breath when performing exercises and cannot stand, unlike before, their symptoms should be looked at,” he says.
What should people with pre-existing heart disease keep in mind?

Those with pre-existing heart disease, they need to be extra careful during COVID-19 and flaunt their recovery.

“If the patient has a pre-existing heart problem, they should not stop their treatment. Existing drugs reduce the risk of heart disease regardless of COVID. Patients should not worry about being infected from COVID, ”explains Dr Udyavar.

Apart from that, physical activity and diet play an important role. Gentle activities such as walking can provide relief during post COVID care.

In the event that the patient develops new symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, feeling suddenly tired, this should be treated immediately, according to the doctors. “See the doctor right away and check if it’s a heart problem, then get it treated for it,” Dr. Udyavar recommends.

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