Desperate for Covid care, undocumented immigrants resort to unproven drugs – .

Desperate for Covid care, undocumented immigrants resort to unproven drugs – .

“My community is worried that the government is trying to get rid of us,” said Oralia Maceda Méndez, activist for a Fresno-based community group for the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico. She has heard many stories of immigrants in her community treating themselves for Covid-19 with penicillin, other antibiotics, or a mixture of vitamins and herbal therapies bought from stores or from travelers selling drugs. purchased in Mexico.

“I’m not surprised people are being abused,” she said. “We don’t have the care we need.

Some farm workers have received unproven treatments in specialized clinics. A woman from Fresno recently described how her husband, a farm worker, got so sick from Covid-19 that he couldn’t breathe or walk, but refused to go to hospital because he heard rumors that undocumented immigrants had registered and never left. She took him to a wellness clinic, where a doctor gave him injectable peptide treatments, recalled the woman, who requested anonymity due to her immigration status.

She was not prepared, she said, for the $ 1,400 bill, which included the cost of syringes and vials labeled thymosin-alpha 1, BPC-157 and LL-37. Pulling them out of a cabinet in the kitchen of her mobile home, she said she wasn’t sure exactly what they were and still feels the price bite.

“I was shocked, but I tried to act like everything was fine because I had to be strong for my husband and my kids,” she said. He became sicker despite the injections, but the family ran out of money for treatment. More than a month passed before he was well enough to return to the fields.

Sandra Celedon, chair of a coalition of local organizations called Fresno Building Health Communities, said she and her colleagues heard from several farm workers and other low-income Latino immigrants who spent their savings on vitamin infusions and therapy. peptides for Covid. “These people are the poorest of the poor, and yet the doctors were asking for money for their unproven treatments,” she said.


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