Deaths are so low ‘you can’t see an increase on the graph,’ vaccine chief told Briefing No.10 – .

Deaths are so low ‘you can’t see an increase on the graph,’ vaccine chief told Briefing No.10 – .

Bbut another scientist disagrees.
Dr David Nabarro, special envoy on Covid-19 for the World Health Organization, suggested that wearing and keeping away from the mask would still be necessary in areas with high infection.

He told Sky News it was necessary to “maintain the defenses against the virus to keep it from popping up more and more, and that will be life to come, at least until there is enough vaccine and enough certainty, to be sure the vaccination will protect us. At the moment, we cannot say that.

Dr Nabarro said that due to the variations “as well as the use of the vaccine as part of our defense, we’re going to have to continue keeping a little distance from each other and then I’m going to suggest that the distancing part height of one meter or more and wearing a mask will be necessary, especially in places where there are a lot of viruses. We cannot just ignore this. “

In the workplace, he said: “It will be necessary for every workplace to ask itself: ‘is it right that we stop wearing masks and keep the distance?

“Because this is how you keep people from getting infected and this is the key to stopping the buildup of big spikes… I am advocating continued physical distancing, continuous mask wear for now, including in countries where there is a lot of vaccination. “

Dr Nabarro said that some of the variants that are emerging “will be troublesome, they may break through the vaccine-related protection in a few people, and that will cause problems.” I’m basically saying that the variants are going to keep coming. It’s part of life, we have to pick them up quickly, we have to act quickly if we see them in a certain place, we have to integrate variant management into what we call our Covid-ready strategy, which is going to be the model in a foreseeable future ”.


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