Dawson’s Creek writer, 50, dies after 13-month battle with long Covid – .

Dawson’s Creek writer, 50, dies after 13-month battle with long Covid – .

Dawson’s Creek writer Heidi Ferrer has died aged 50.
It has been confirmed by his family that the writer died on May 26 at his home in Los Angeles, California, following a long battle with Covid-19.

The mother-of-one had been battling the virus since April last year and suffered from body aches, including pain in her feet and ankles.

She also suffered from fatigue and flu-like symptoms. She was reportedly bedridden for the first few months of contracting the virus, and again in her final months.

Her husband Nick Guthe confirmed the heartbreaking news on social media.

He tweeted: “My beautiful angel, Heidi, passed away tonight after a 13 month battle with Long Haul Covid. She was an incredible mother. She fought this insidious disease with the same ferocity with which she lived. I love you forever and see you later. “

Heidi and her husband Nick had a son, Bexon

Heidi was also known to be the writer of the hit series Wasteland and had scripted several films.

She had taken to blogging to share her story as she fought Covid for a long time.

In September, she shared a heartbreaking article titled How I’m Recovering From Long-Distance COVID.

She described how the virus had crippled her, but she said “COVID will not win”.

She wrote: “The monster is real and it came for me. Recovering from COVID-19 has been one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced and I have been through a lot.

“In my darkest times, I told my husband that if I wasn’t getting better, I didn’t want to live like this. I wasn’t suicidal, I just couldn’t see a long term quality of life and there was no end in sight.

“One of the cruelest things COVID did to me was rob me of my ability to have dreams. I don’t mean dreams in my sleep, I mean I completely stopped dreaming about my future because I couldn’t imagine it. Wall. “

Dawson’s Creek writer Heidi Ferrer dies aged 50

She continued, “Yes, everyone had lost our trips, our events, our free lives during the shutdown, but I had lost all of that and I also suddenly became paralyzed with frightening neurological programs. “

And she ended her post by saying, “I’m not out of the woods yet, but I see a clearing. “

Heidi is survived by her husband Nick and their 13 year old son Bexon.


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