Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Price To Hit “$ 150,000 By December 15, 2021” – .

Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Price To Hit “$ 150,000 By December 15, 2021” – .

Recently, crypto analyst and influencer Tyler Swope explained how he established his year-end price target for Bitcoin. He also spoke about Bitcoin’s upcoming Taproot upgrade.

In a YouTube video posted on June 11, the host of YouTube channel “Chico Crypto” told more than 253,000 subscribers that those who predict the price of Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000 by the end of this year. are not optimistic. sufficient.

According to a Daily Hodl report, Swope said:

« $ 300,000 by December is a bit bullish for me. Why? Well, from the top to the top of the last cycle, late 2013 to late 2017, for the sake of math, we’ll call it $ 1,000 to $ 20,000. It’s a 20x. The cycle before, from 2011 to 2013, for math reasons, we’ll say $ 10 to $ 1,000, a 100x.

« From 100x to 20x, this represents an 80% decrease in multipliers over cycles. So if we say that from the end of 2017 $ 20,000 to December 2021 we hit $ 300,000, that would be a 15x. From a 20x to a 15x this cycle to cycle would only be a 25% decrease. I don’t know about it...

« The peak of this cycle will be between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 by December 2021. That is and has been my prediction for a long time. But if I had to give you a specific number and day, what would you say here: $ 150,000 by December 15, 2021. »

The next day, the popular crypto analyst posted another video, in which he discussed Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade. According to the Daily Hodl report, he said:

« It’s great for Bitcoin. I mean, this is one of the best news ever, because Bitcoin is on the verge of getting privacy and it is on the verge of getting more complex smart contracts that can get it to do a lot. more things. There is going to be a great conversation to come. I am extremely optimistic about Ethereum …

« I said I was selling some of my Bitcoin for Ethereum, and I did. I picked up a good Ethereum stack with some of my Bitcoin. But I mean there are parts of me that are like, “Was that a good idea?” “I think it’s a good idea in the short to medium term, but in the long term Bitcoin can still win. »

Here’s what Binance Academy says about Taproot:

« Along with the Schnorr signatures, Taproot is one of Bitcoin’s most anticipated technology upgrades since the introduction of SegWit. Taproot’s goal is to change the way Bitcoin scripts work to improve privacy, scalability, and security. This and more will be made possible by combining Taproot with a related upgrade called Schnorr Signatures. »

On June 12, CNBC published an article titled “Bitcoin Just Got Its First Makeover in Four Years.”

Alyse Killeen, founder and managing partner of Bitcoin-focused venture capital firm Stillmark, told CNBC:

« The taproot is important because it opens up many opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in expanding the utility of bitcoin. »

And Fred Thiel, CEO of cryptocurrency mining specialist Marathon Digital Holdings, said this:

« The most important thing for Taproot is… smart contracts. It is already the main driver of innovation on the ethereum network. Smart contracts essentially give you the ability to really build apps and businesses on the blockchain. »


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