Covid travel restrictions: ‘British envy our summer vacation’ – Germans don’t care about UK traffic l | World

Covid travel restrictions: ‘British envy our summer vacation’ – Germans don’t care about UK traffic l | World

The UK government has set up a red, orange and green list for overseas travel from England. For Red List countries, UK citizens living in England have been told that they “should not travel to these countries or territories”. The Amber List means citizens traveling from England must take a pre-departure test and self-quarantine upon their return to the UK for 10 days.

For countries on the UK’s green list, upon returning to England, travelers must take a COVID-19 test no later than Day 2 after arrival and they do not need to self-quarantine at unless the test result is positive.
German media outlet Bild focused on the fact that some Amber List countries have incidents of coronavirus well below current rates in the UK.

The tabloid proudly stated that due to the UK’s strict travel restrictions, “envy towards us Germans is increasing on the island.”

The German news site added that the reason for the jealousy was due to “strict quarantine rules in Britain”.

The German tabloid said that for the British, “even after traveling to countries with lower incidence than the UK itself, they must partially quarantine”.
The Bild report added that people living in the UK are frustrated with the government because “popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy and Greece continue to be classified as amber zones on the traffic light system. circulation of coronaviruses ”.

The newspaper added that “this means people have to be quarantined for at least five days, even those who have been vaccinated.”

Bild was proud to say that more Germans would come to Spanish beaches this summer than Brits.

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The newspaper quoted Steve Heapy, director of British low-cost airline Jet 2, as warning that “German customers arrive on wide-body aircraft that arrive in Mallorca and hotels fill up.”

The newspaper went on to say that “the figures for the UK holiday debacle are clear, as around 400,000 German tourists landed in Palma de Mallorca in May, there were only 6,000 Britons.”

The newspaper mocked the UK for its stricter coronavirus travel conditions and said: ‘For now, then we can make ourselves comfortable on the beaches of Mallorca. “

Rules between Germany and Spain mean that Germans are allowed to travel to Mallorca without needing to self-isolate on their return from March.

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Germans now have free access to travel to most of Europe and only need one negative PCR coronavirus test before returning home.

Greece, France and most of mainland Spain were added to Germany’s own green list on Friday.

Germans can also travel freely in Portugal and Italy.

Meanwhile, Britons, upon their return to England, must quarantine themselves at home for 10 days and take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 or after arrival.


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