COVID-19: AstraZeneca and EU both claim victory as court rules on vaccine supply issue

COVID-19: AstraZeneca and EU both claim victory as court rules on vaccine supply issue

AstraZeneca and the EU have both claimed victory in a court ruling on the supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

The two sides have had a difficult relationship over the past few months, with the European Union accusing the vaccine manufacturer of not producing supplies quickly enough.

AstraZeneca was hired to do its best to deliver 300 million doses to the OR by the end of June, but had to revise its target to 100 million doses due to production issues.

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AstraZeneca “should honor its contracts”

A Brussels court rejected a EU requests at least 120 million doses of vaccine by the end of this month – something the company has claimed as a victory.

Instead, the drugmaker said the judge ruled it should only deliver 80.2 million doses by September 27.

AstraZeneca said it would “significantly exceed” that amount by the end of the month and the court backed its claim that the European Commission “has no exclusivity or priority rights over all other contracting parties.”

However, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the decision supported the EU’s view that AstraZeneca had failed to deliver on its commitments.

“It’s good to see an independent judge confirming this,” she said.

“This shows that our European vaccination campaign is not only effective for our citizens on a day-to-day basis. It also shows that it was founded on a solid legal basis. “

Ursula von der Leyen says decision supports EU point of view

The supply cuts had meant that the EU’s vaccination campaign was delayed until the first quarter of this year, when the bloc had relied on AstraZeneca for a large chunk of its injections.

AstraZeneca has now been ordered by the court to deliver 15 million doses by July 26, another 20 million by August 23 and another 15 million by September 27.

If the company does not meet these deadlines, it will face a penalty of € 10 (£ 8.57) per undelivered dose, the European Commission has said.

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The vaccine maker said other measures the EU had hoped for were rejected.

“The judgment also acknowledged that the difficulties AstraZeneca faced in this unprecedented situation had a substantial impact on the delay,” he said, adding that he “looks forward to renewed collaboration” with the European Commission. .


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