Coronation Street spoilers – Ruxandra Porojnicu on the death scenario – .

Coronation Street spoilers – Ruxandra Porojnicu on the death scenario – .

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street Star Ruxandra Porojnicu has revealed the role of Alina in the upcoming death storyline.

Alina and Tyrone will be shaken up next week when he finds out that Kirsty Soames is dead and turns to his ex Fiz for support, rather than leaning on his new girlfriend Alina.

Tyrone having to help organize Kirsty’s funeral, he’s not prepared for another shock when Alina suddenly announces that she is expecting the couple’s first child!

Ruxandra Porojnicu gave some clues about the next few difficult weeks for the new couple, sharing that there is a lot of uncertainty over the news of Alina’s pregnancy.

“She hadn’t planned to have a baby so early in her life, she is still quite young, she is only 23 years old. She also doesn’t know how Tyrone will react, ”the actress said.

There is also a worry for Alina that Tyrone might have regrets because he just left his family to start this new relationship.

“Yes, there is that worry, she knows he loves her and he supports what she wants in life, but he already has two children, so she doesn’t know if he will be enthusiastic about the idea.” to have another baby so soon, ”admitted Ruxandra.

Further complications arise when Alina finds out about Tyrone’s steamy past with Kirsty Secondhand, leaving her to wonder why he hadn’t been honest about her past.

“It makes her start to question their relationship because it’s such an important thing that he hid from her,” said the actress. “Usually you would share something like that with your partner, you would talk about your past, so she feels a bit left behind when she finds out that he hasn’t shared that with her.

“Besides, the fact that after Kirsty’s news he’d rather go and talk to Fiz about it leaves her in the dark.” “

Expressing how Tyrone is feeling, Ruxandra revealed, “He’s shocked, sure, he needs time to process things. He tries to support her to convince her and convince himself that they will be fine… It’s definitely a complicated relationship, they love each other though and I think that’s the most important thing so I would say yes , they’re doing it. “


She continued, “I think Alina is confident that Tyrone wants to be with her, that he wants this relationship and that he wants to have a future together. But if this situation changes, I think she will definitely fight for him and for them. ”

Ruxandra explained how excited she was to be offered a new challenge by Coronation Street writers as this pregnancy story progresses.

“I was excited because it’s a scenario I’ve never played before and it’s always good to have a challenge,” she said.

When asked what advice she would give Alina, the soap opera star replied, “Now at this point in their relationship I think you have to have patience, patience and understanding towards. him, because he might panic for a while about having another baby, but just to give him time. “

Coronation Street will air the reveal of Alina’s pregnancy in episodes next week on ITV.

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