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Clarification is expected after French officials said The connection this week (June 24) that a three-month extension of the deadline for British residence card applications was put in place – but the British Embassy said it had not had confirmation of a prolongation.
Several French prefectures have also announced the extension and a support organization helping Britons in difficulty with their requests has said it is aware and ready to help during this additional period.

It comes as Luxembourg announced an extension of its deadline from June 30 to December 31 and the Netherlands recently extended its deadline from June 30 to October 1.

However, France has yet to follow through on official public announcements or legal changes to implement the three-month extension.

France, Latvia and Malta are now the only countries to have a June 30 deadline to apply for mandatory cards. The others are all later or do not require the British living there to apply for a card to benefit from the WA agreement in order to maintain their legal residence.

The connection will report when clarification is provided on the matter in the coming days, as the original June 30 deadline approaches.

In the meantime, the British Embassy advises the British not to postpone applications. As of June 11, 146,912 applications from British adults in France had been filed, according to figures from the Home Office. There are no official figures on the number of Britons living in France who are eligible.

The official legal situation remains as set out in a French decree of November 19, 2020 which sets June 30 as the application deadline and stipulates that all concerned Britons must hold a card before October 1, 2021.

All Britons who were living in France on December 31 of last year are required to apply for one of the new Withdrawal Agreement residence cards in order to retain a legal right to live and work in France.

The Withdrawal Agreement, and the decree which transposes its residency provisions into French law, stipulates that after the expiration of the deadline, additional requests submitted within a “reasonable” deadline should be considered on a case-by-case basis to see whether there were “reasonable” grounds for not making the request on time.

Here is a timeline of what has happened so far.

June 24

The Côtes d’Armor prefecture in Brittany has indicated on its website: “It has been decided to postpone the deadline for applying for the Withdrawal Agreement residence permit to September 30. During this additional period, requests will continue to be made online on the residence cards site. The site will therefore remain operational longer as a result. All requests will be processed.

He also states on the same page: “British citizens and their family members already residing in France before January 1, 2021 will benefit from the arrangements agreed in the WA and will be issued specific residence cards which they will have to apply for before September 30, 2021 “, but still said, confusedly:” They will not be required to have a residence permit until October 1, 2021. “

Note that if the date of September 30 is fixed by law in a decree, the date of October 1 (as previously announced) must also be modified accordingly, because it is not possible to apply for and obtain a card in One day.

The information was picked up by the British Campaign Coalition in Europe, which said on its Facebook page: ‘We have been pushing hard in recent weeks for an extension of the deadlines and we are delighted that this appears to be about to happen. in France. Thousands of people are at risk of losing their rights simply because they didn’t know they had to apply, having heard promises that their lives would not change after Brexit. This delay will make it possible to reach more people and prevent families from breaking up. ”

The connection contacted a senior spokesperson at the Interior Ministry’s section for entry and stay of foreigners, about the announcement.

The spokesperson confirmed that was correct and said all prefectures had been informed of the decision to extend.

“We have postponed the date of June 30 and are giving this latitude to ensure that all latecomers can submit their applications on time,” she said, confirming that the website for card applications would now remain open until. ‘to at least September 30.

We have reported on the extension, as have other media such as The Guardian.

The British Embassy, ​​however, said on its Facebook page on June 24 that “the situation as communicated to the Embassy by the Home Office today is that the deadline remains June 30”. So he urged people to apply as soon as possible.

In a follow-up call to the ministry, The connection was informed that the legal details of the extension had not yet been put into an official decree, but that it was expected shortly.

In response to an email request from The connection Regarding the announced extension, the chairman of the Franco-British network FBN, one of the bodies funded by the UK government to support the British in their residency applications, said: “We will be active as usual until end of September “.

A Twitter user shared email from the prefecture of Creuse, which confirmed that “the deadline for submitting British residence permit applications has been postponed to September 30”.

friday 25 june

FBN sent an email to its contacts stating, “We understand that the deadline for submitting an online application for a WA residence permit will be extended by three months until September 30. We are waiting for the French authorities to officially confirm this information and put it into law. “

British Community Committee Vice-Chairman of France Christopher Chantrey said The connection he also thinks it is likely that a wider official communication of an extension awaits a decree changing the dates. He said the Pyrénées-Orientales prefecture also confirmed the extension in emails and said it was good news if it allowed as many Britons as possible to get their cards.

The Côtes d’Armor prefecture has indicated The connection he was preparing a press release on the matter which would probably be available “early next week”.

British in Europe shared a tweet in which a Briton said the Somme prefecture in Amiens had informed him of the extension. The British in Europe said it is now the fourth prefecture in France that she has heard of that refers to it.

The Côtes d’Armor website has been edited to remove references to the extension.


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