Come on, let Tyrese have his Fast And Furious / Transformers crossover – .

Come on, let Tyrese have his Fast And Furious / Transformers crossover – .

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson
photo: Rich Fury/WireImage (Getty Images)

It is one of the great paradoxes of modern life that the question “What successful action film Does the franchise co-starring with Tyrese Gibson have cars that do the most unlikely things? does not start and stop with the films where the automobiles in question are equally ancient sword handling space robots. Credit to Fast and furious deductible to give Transformers (who saw Gibson co-star in his first two films) a race for his space-car-money over the years, up to and including putting cars in The Big Sky Place himself for this weekend F9.

But is it really necessary that a rivalry exists between Optimus Prime and Dom Toretto? Not by Gibson himself, who recently responded to a (very good) matter of why there was no Quickly/jurassic park crossover with its own (very good) counter-offer: Why not a TransformersQuickly hybrid film instead?

« I don’t know anything about it, man. I think the crossover would be more Transformers and Quickly what Jurassic Park, » Tyrese a dit, when asked about this expression of the limitless possibilities of the human imagination. “Cars that become robots and vice versa. We can do that at first and then tackle the dinosaurs. “

Now, there are a few obvious reasons why fans online have been pushing this Fast & Jurassic idea for a while—First, because Universal owns both franchises, and second, because it would be incredibly sweet to see someone ride a Honda a brontosaurus, get caught by a pterosaur and have drostung in the throat of a rampaging super-dinosaur. (“And that,” Dom whispers to his family, “That’s when you hit the dino-NOS.”) (Di-NOS-aur?.) Transformers, meanwhile, is a Paramount property, which means that a potential cross could be a little more risky. But, really: if Sony and Marvel can share Spider-Man, surely Universal and Paramount can find a way to create a world that Vin Diesel walks in, whatever part of Optimus Prime is the piece with the seats. (Stomach? Wait, are we going for a walk in the Transformers stomach?)


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