Coca-Cola warned its wake-up policy would violate anti-discrimination law – .


On June 11, the American Civil Rights Project (ACRP) sent a warning letter to the Coca-Cola company, alleging that the beverage company’s new diversity policy would force law firms to break anti -discrimination.
The letter calls on the recently besieged company to either “publicly withdraw the discriminatory policies on external advice it announced in January” or, if not, “to provide access to the company’s files related to the decision of the officers and directors of Coca-Cola to adopt and maintain these illegal policies. ”
Later in the letter, the memo talks about the mega soft drink company’s new policy “to enter into contracts, refuse to contract and change the terms of contracts signed based on the race of Coke’s counterparties, the [directors] exposed Coke and its shareholders to significant liability risk. “
The letter goes on to quote existing anti-discrimination laws, which it alleges that the new hiring policy violates: “These conditional threats are violations of section 1981 manuals. By adopting contracting policies, by refusing to contract and by modifying the terms of the contract signed on the basis of the race of Coke’s counterparties, the Coke D&O exposed Coke and its shareholders to a significant risk of liability. “
The current policy of “diversity” in place at Coca-Cola requires the company “to undertake that at least 30% of the time invoiced by associates and partners comes from various lawyers, and of these amounts, at least the half comes from black avocados. ”
The Coca Cola Company has moved in a “waking” direction, which has attracted much criticism from its shareholders and the general public.


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