Click, Luxury Tax, McCullers, Garcia – –

Click, Luxury Tax, McCullers, Garcia – –

The luxury tax “is a factorIn what the Astros will be doing on the trade deadline, general manager James Click told broadcaster Robert Ford on the team’s pre-game radio show. Chandler Rome du Houston Chronicle). However, Click also noted that the competitive balance tax “ is not a hard cap“, Which is sort of a general remark that could imply that the Astros are willing to exceed the $ 210 million threshold if necessary, or it could just be a simple statement of fact. Houston is currently fairly close to the $ 210 million threshold – Cot’s Baseball Contracts has the team’s estimated tax number at just under $ 207 million, while Roster Resource has the Astros with even less wiggle room to approximately $ 208.8 million.
The Astros broke the CBT threshold last year, but since they did not cross the over $ 20 million threshold and it was their first to exceed, the club paid the minimum rate for the first time ever. ” a 20% tax on the excess (for a total bill of $ 3,263,800). To cross the threshold again, the Astros would be taxed at 30% of the surplus, although that isn’t a big win assuming they stay below the $ 230 million mark.

As The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal pointed out, however, if the Astros were taxpayers, their additional penalty would include less draft pick compensation if a qualifying offer rejects a free agent (i.e. Carlos Correa or Justin Verlander) left for another team. It would also cost Houston higher draft picks from their own board as a compensating pick if they signed their own free agent rejecting QO. The Astros may have to get creative in adding any kind of salary to the trade deadline if they want to stay below the tax threshold, as doing nothing would seem like a wasted opportunity for a club that has l appearance of a playoff contender.

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  • Lance McCullers Jr. is expected to return from the injured list and start Tuesday’s game against Rangers, coach Dusty baker told Brian McTaggart of and other reporters. McCullers participated in the 10-day IL on May 26 due to a right shoulder pain, and he will be on a height limit as the Astros seek to bring him back into action. Jake Odorizzi will work as a piggyback pitcher behind McCullers, as he too regains his full strength after a stint in IL due to forearm strain.
  • McCullers and Odorizzi will both be part of a six-man rotation Houston will deploy to a 20-game 20-day streak, starting Tuesday. It’s entirely possible that other injuries or a lack of performance will alter the Astros’ plans over the next three weeks, but assuming everyone is healthy and efficient, Chandler Rome thinks Luis garcia could be the odd one out once the rotation comes down to a five-man staff that would consist of Zack Greinké, Jose Urquidy, Framber Valdez, McCullers and Odorizzi. Garcia has started very well this season, with a 2.98 / 3.64 SIERA ERA in 63 1/3 innings and above average strikeout and walk rates. Despite several rotational injuries earlier this year, Houston is now in ‘good trouble to have’ territory with a surplus of weapons – Cristian Javier has already been demoted to the bullpen after performing well as a starter. With Garcia possibly joining the mix in July as well, he could give the Astros’ midfield relief corps a big boost.


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