Christchurch Hollywood massacre sparks anger in New Zealand – –

Christchurch Hollywood massacre sparks anger in New Zealand – –

“The problem is, the film is about Jacinda Ardern, but it’s not her story to tell,” said Adibah Khan, spokesperson for the National Association of Islamic Youth of New Zealand, which organized the event. petition. “This is the story of the victims and their community of victims, and the truth is that they were not consulted at all. “

Mohamed Mostafa, whose father was killed in the attacks, said he felt exploited by the film project. “Someone is trying to exploit my pain, my agony and my suffering – and for what benefit? ” he said.

He added that white saviorism was a false narrative. “There are no saviors here because we have 51 victims in history,” he said. “If we had a savior, we wouldn’t have casualties.

Ms. Golbakhsh compared the proposed film to “Green Book,” the Oscar-winning film that was dismissed by critics as a “racial reconciliation fantasy”.

“It’s kind of encouraging the idea that any non-white person is either too weak or not as interesting, and therefore kind of pushes them into the background, as a non-three-dimensional character,” a- she declared.

A report from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative released last week found that Muslims, who make up nearly a quarter of the world’s population, made up less than 2% of the speaking characters in the highest-grossing films made between 2017 and 2019. Almost 20% of the Muslim characters who appeared were killed at the end of the film, often in a violent death.


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