Chinese Sun Yang banned for four years – .

Chinese Sun Yang banned for four years – .

Sun was originally sentenced to eight years for refusing to submit blood and urine samples to anti-doping officers, but his suspension was overturned in December by the Swiss federal court. The court ruling came after Sun’s lawyers presented evidence that the chairman of the three-member panel that pronounced Sun’s suspension in February 2020 made racist comments about China on social media.

The new ruling follows a model that has developed in recent years in which the CAS, as the tribunal is known, partially upholds the sanctions previously applied after an appeal. The tribunal has in recent years reduced sanctions against Russia for its state-sponsored doping program; these decisions will allow athletes to compete largely barrier-free in Tokyo this summer.

Sun, a six-time Olympic medalist and the first Chinese to win a gold medal in swimming at the Games, fought a years-long battle with the World Anti-Doping Agency to preserve his eligibility for international competitions.

WADA filed a complaint against Sun with CAS in 2019 after the international swimming governing body refused to penalize him for refusing to cooperate with three anti-doping officials who had traveled to his home in China to take blood samples. blood and urine samples in September 2018.


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