Chinese official found dead amid deadly ultramarathon investigation – –

China investigates death of 21 runners after ultramarathon – fr

Beijing (AFP)

A senior Chinese county official who hosted a deadly ultramarathon last month has been found dead, authorities said on Friday, as 27 people face penalties for the incident.

In May, extreme weather conditions during an ultramarathon in northwestern Gansu province killed 21 runners when freezing rain, high winds and hail hit competitors.

The fatal incident sparked calls for more regulation and raised questions about why organizers had apparently ignored the incoming weather.

Provincial officials told a press conference on Friday that the Communist Party secretary of Jingtai County – which hosted the event – was found dead.

Li Zuobi was confirmed to have died after falling from the apartment building where he lived. Police received the incident report on Wednesday and have since ruled out the possibility of a homicide.

27 people, including municipal government officials, face criminal charges or disciplinary action for this deadly ultramarathon.

Among those punished are the party secretary and mayor of Baiyin City – which has jurisdiction over Jingtai – as well as the county magistrate, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

Last month’s incident also resulted in the suspension of sports competitions that did not meet national safety standards, including events such as mountain running and very long distance running.


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