Chinese Ambassador to France proud of his title of “wolf warrior” promises to prevent “mad dogs” – .

Chinese Ambassador to France proud of his title of “wolf warrior” promises to prevent “mad dogs” – .

Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye. Photo: Xinhua

“Wolf Warrior” is a form of praise in China, which symbolizes the warriors who fight for their country, according to the Chinese ambassador to France, stressing that he is proud to be endowed with the title and that he is determined to stand in the way of “mad dogs” attacking China. In an interview with French newspaper L’Opinion, Ambassador Lu Shaye answered questions such as the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party, the pandemic, links with the United States, Taiwan, tensions with the EU and Uighur minorities.

Regarding the “wolf warrior” charge, Lu said that the people who accuse Chinese diplomacy of “wolf war diplomacy” are cowards, and it is those who are on the offensive who like to accuse them. victims of being “aggressive”.

China has never been an aggressor, but over the past year it has been criticized on several fronts, Lu said, asking, “Don’t we have the right to fight and defend ourselves? It is not fair !

The ambassador also said that accusing China of “wolf warrior diplomacy” reflected the superiority, arrogance and centralism of the West. The West is used to attacking and blaming others, and has never paid the price or been counterattacked. But this time, China will retaliate.

Lu said that in fact, “wolf warrior” is a positive term in China, referring to warriors who fight for their country. Since there are so many “mad dogs” attacking China, “I am honored to receive the title. We are fighters who stand in front of the motherland and fight for it, and we want to oppose the “mad dogs” that are attacking China. “

He also said the embassy posted articles online to make its voice heard in public, but many journalists, who disrespect professional ethics, got angry with the embassy articles and said. called diplomats “wolf warriors”.

Lu said that although they were accused by the media, they were also supported by the French. And that the French can access an alternative source of information through our publication, and not just by following the distorted reports of the main French media on China.

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