China blows up ‘sick’ US as Biden rallies allies on European trip – –

China blows up ‘sick’ US as Biden rallies allies on European trip – –

China has lashed out against the United States, calling the country “very sick indeed” after President Joe Biden garnered support from his European allies to present a more united front against Beijing.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian criticized Biden’s efforts at the Group of Seven and North Atlantic Treaty Organization summits in recent days. The response was the latest sign of Beijing’s frustration with Washington, amid tensions over everything from trade and security to human rights and the pandemic.

“The United States is sick and very sick,” Zhao told reporters during the ministry’s first press briefing since G-7 meetings in the UK. “The G-7 would do better to take their pulse and come up with a prescription.”

Zhao criticized the G-7 statement, which expressed concerns about Chinese policies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang – issues which Beijing says fall within its own internal affairs. Still, he sought to downplay the size of the US coalition, saying the declaration “exposes the bad intentions of the US and a few others to create confrontation and estrangement and expand differences and disagreements.”

Washington has sought to build a united front on Beijing, although Biden was content with a modest condemnation at the G-7 NATO meeting and progressive results. A statement issued after the NATO meeting mentioned China 10 times, compared to only one after the last peak in 2019. Russia has been nominated more than 60 times this year. The document also states that the bloc “maintains a constructive dialogue with China to the extent possible.”

NATO slammed

“China certainly has cause for concern as NATO’s action can be seen as yet another US-led measure to surround and contain China,” said Vivian Zhan, associate professor of Chinese politics. at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “China will be motivated to strengthen its ties with US allies, for example through trade, investment and diplomatic actions in order to undermine the US alliance or make its maintenance more costly for the US . “

China has particularly attacked NATO, after Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance was “concerned about China’s coercive policies, which contrast with core values ​​enshrined in the Washington Treaty” on which rests the block. Stoltenberg cited China’s rapidly expanding nuclear arsenal, military cooperation with Russia and its use of disinformation.

The alliance “inflicted war and turmoil on the world,” Zhao said, lifting the 1999 bombing of his embassy in Belgrade. “This is NATO’s blood debt to the Chinese people,” Zhao said.

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The United States later apologized for the incident, saying it was an error resulting from the use of outdated maps.

Previously, China’s mission to the European Union had adopted a more measured tone, saying the country was not posing a “systemic challenge” to any country. Yet the mission warned that Beijing would “stand idly by” in the face of challenges, according to a statement published Tuesday on its website.

No danger


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