China and US seconds to outbreak of World War III in South China Sea clash – “Ready to fight!” “| World

China and US seconds to outbreak of World War III in South China Sea clash – “Ready to fight!” “| World

Tensions between the two superpowers have steadily mounted in recent years as China seeks to consolidate its control and hegemony over the contested waters. The United States has stepped up its military presence and activities in the region, in a bid to counter Beijing’s increasingly aggressive posture. This involved both more frequent freedom of navigation patrols, as well as aerial reconnaissance missions.

Last May, a squadron of SU-30 fighter jets led by pilot ace Lu Geng rushed to intercept foreign military planes approaching Chinese airspace.
In radio communications broadcast in the CCTV report, pilot Lu can be heard issuing severe warnings to foreign pilots in English and Chinese.

“It’s the PLA air force,” he barked.

“You are about to enter Chinese airspace. Leave immediately!

When the foreign jets refused to turn around, the Chinese pilots began to simulate attack maneuvers in an attempt to intimidate their opponents.
As the stakes rose, the foreign pilots wisely decided to defuse the situation by retreating to safety.

Pilot Lu later told CCTV that he would not have hesitated to shoot down the intruders if the situation required it.

He said: “If [they] had started the fight, I would fight.

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He claimed that the United States had sent electronic reconnaissance planes and anti-submarine planes for close reconnaissance operations.

Last week, the United States said it needed a “credible combat” presence in the South China Sea to deter Chinese aggression.

Ely Ratner, the candidate for the post of US Assistant Secretary of Defense, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last Wednesday that a “credible forward position in combat” of the forces was necessary to “deter, and if necessary, deny a scenario of fait accompli ”.


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