Chicago police officer charged with violating the United States Capitol – –

Chicago police officer charged with violating the United States Capitol – –

Federal authorities arrested a Chicago police officer for his alleged role in the January violation of the United States Capitol that interrupted the Electoral College’s vote count and led to a sprawling criminal investigation.

Karol J. Chwiesiuk is charged with five counts of misdemeanor and appeared remotely before US judge Gabriel Fuentes in Chicago on Friday, where he was given an unsecured bond of $ 15,000.

Fuentes further ordered Chwiesiuk to surrender his FOID card and not to own or keep weapons in his home while awaiting trial. He also cannot travel to Washington.

The criminal complaint filed against Chwiesiuk on Friday alleges that he used a racial insult in a text message and bragged about being inside the Capitol where he was seen wearing a CPD hoodie.

Three days before the riot, Chwiesiuk texted an associate, saying he was “busy planning how to fuck off commies” during a conversation about unsuccessful lawsuits that had been filed to challenge the results of the election of President Joe Biden, federal prosecutors said. He then reportedly traveled from Chicago to Washington and joined the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6.

In an SMS of January 6, he is said to have boasted of having “knocked out a comrade last night”. Chwiesiuk also took photos of himself on Capitol Hill – including inside the building – while wearing a beige hoodie with a Chicago Police logo on his chest, according to the complaint.

In another post, Chwiesiuk wrote “There are so many black people here, I am actually in disbelief” and in a post the following week about being inside the Capitol he texted a racial insult. , writing “N — a don’t snitch”, the complaint alleges.

A selfie Chwiesiuk texted during the riot appears to show him inside US Senator Jeff Merkley’s office. Chwiesiuk has also been identified as being inside the Capitol in several other photographs.

Chwiesiuk was arrested around 8 a.m. on Friday.

Chwiesiuk has been stripped of his police powers and assigned to clerical duties, according to his attorney, Tim Grace, an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 who represents the CPD’s base agents.

Chwiesiuk was hired by the CPD in December 2018 and lives on the northwest side with her parents, Grace said. He previously worked as an assistant in the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

Most recently, Chwiesiuk was assigned to Harrison District on the West Side, Grace said.

Chwiesiuk is at least the 10th Illinois individual charged in connection with the United States Capitol violation, and he is the fourth on that list from the Chicago area. Earlier this week, federal authorities indicted Christian Kulas, of Kenilworth, in connection with the violation.

Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, also this week filed an alternate indictment against Kevin J. Lyons who laid additional charges against the Chicago man originally indicted in January for his alleged role in the offense.

Hundreds of people have been charged across the country in connection with the riot at the United States Capitol, and a staggering amount of evidence has been gathered. Prosecutors said it would likely be the largest investigation in U.S. history.


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