Capital region breaks record for hottest day in June – .

Capital region breaks record for hottest day in June – .

BC’s capital region recorded its hottest day of the year on Saturday.

Victoria hit 35.2 ° C on Saturday afternoon, June 26, making it the record for the hottest June day and breaking the previous record of 35 ° C set in 1925.

It comes amid a scorching heat wave that continues to bake Vancouver Island which is expected to continue throughout the weekend with temperatures and Humidex readings expected to be above 40C.

With unprecedented scorching heat, people are urged to check out some of the most vulnerable – the elderly.

“They just don’t have the physiological ability to respond to hot weather,” said Terry Lake, CEO of the BC Care Providers Association.

Meteorologist Tyler Hamilton warns that the worst is yet to come.

He explained that the cause of the heat wave is a “heat dome,” an unusually strong ridge of high pressure over the province that trapped hot air.

This heat dome creates a heat wave in most parts of the province, resembling temperatures seen in hot climates, such as northern Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.

“You can think of just shifting the temperature distribution a few degrees forward. So a temperature that was previously 37 or 38 in the Port Alberni Valley is now 40 degrees because of climate change, ”Hamilton said.

He said it’s a pattern that can be seen over the past decade – more frequent, sizzling and longer lasting heat waves, and that trend is expected to continue with wider impacts.

“This can put pressure on our hospital system – there will be an increase in heat-related illnesses,” he said, adding that it can also impact the agricultural sector and lead to water shortages and forest fires.

To beat the record heat and avoid cooking in the sun, people are urged to find cool places and stay hydrated.

The heat is here to stay for the next few days.

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