Call to speed up Covid jabs as Delta variant spreads across Europe

Call to speed up Covid jabs as Delta variant spreads across Europe


The EU’s disease control agency has called for faster vaccination in Europe, as the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid is expected to account for 90% of all cases in member states by the end of August.

Dr Andrea Ammon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), said people who only had one stroke were still at risk of infection and hospitalization, the variant being likely to spread widely among young people this summer.

In a grim statement at a time when many EU countries seek to ease restrictions and make travel easier with a Covid passport, Ammon said there were too many people left in the most vulnerable age groups of the Union who were not fully vaccinated.

ECDC modeling suggests that without the maintenance of current Covid restrictions and a sharp acceleration in vaccination, it is likely that there will be a wave of infections, deaths and hospitalizations similar to that experienced in the last fall.

Ammon in her statement called on young people who may not have received all of their vaccines to strictly adhere to social distancing regulations, and she called on EU public health authorities to save lives. lives by speeding up their immunization programs.

The latest data published by the ECDC suggests that 33.9% of adults in the EU / EEA are fully vaccinated and 57.1% have received at least a single dose.

“The Delta variant is more transmissible than the other variants in circulation and we estimate that by the end of August it will account for 90% of all Sars-CoV-2 viruses circulating in the European Union,” said Ammon. “Unfortunately, preliminary data shows that it can also infect people who have only received a single dose of currently available vaccines.


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