California reopens, but the COVID emergency continues. Why Newsom won’t finish it yet – –

California reopens, but the COVID emergency continues. Why Newsom won’t finish it yet – –

SACRAMENTO – Even as Gov. Gavin Newsom lifts the most stringent pandemic restrictions on public life in California, he will keep in place the underlying state of emergency that has been the basis of 15 months of coronavirus guidelines.

Newsom made official on Friday that California would return to near normalcy next week, signing orders from the leaders to end the original statewide stay-at-home order and the subsequent tiered plan for reopening. . As of June 15, there will no longer be reduced capacity for businesses, physical distancing requirements or limitations for out-of-state travelers.

“California is turning the page on this pandemic, thanks to swift state action and the work of Californians who have followed public health guidelines and been vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities,” Newsom said in a press release.

But rolling out the full scope of the changes the state has enacted to deal with a historic pandemic – more than 460 rules out of 58 orders, according to the governor’s Office of Emergency Services – will take longer. The March 2020 emergency declaration that gave Newsom the power to waive regulations and take other drastic measures to tackle the virus remains in effect indefinitely, but not permanently, officials say.

Newsom administration officials told reporters on Friday that hundreds of remaining provisions of pandemic-era decrees are expected to be phased out by the end of September. They include measures such as a manufacturing license waiver that allowed companies to switch to the production of hand sanitizer, the ability for government councils to meet virtually, and the renewal of driver’s licenses by mail for older Californians.


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