Brussels ends sausage trade war in Northern Ireland – .

Brussels ends sausage trade war in Northern Ireland – .

The demand raised hopes the two sides could come to a compromise, rather than the UK risking trade retaliation by acting unilaterally again, as it did earlier this year on supermarkets and parcels. .

Speaking to the College of Europe, Mr Sefcovic said he was encouraged that the UK would ‘contact us for chilled meats’, adding that it takes ‘real determination’ to make it work the Northern Ireland Protocol rather than ways to undermine it ”.

“We must put an end to harmful unilateral action, in favor of common action through common bodies,” he continued.

“I am delighted that the UK recognizes the value of this approach on one of the outstanding issues – the supply of chilled meats from Britain to Northern Ireland – because what the Protocol really embodies is is confidence. This is the first time that the EU has handed over control of its economic border to an external partner.

“I am convinced that there is still a window for productive policy dialogue and positive results, especially in light of the UK contacting us on chilled meats. And therefore, I hope that our British counterparts will use this window with vigor and perseverance. “

He also quoted Margaret Thatcher, who gave her famous Bruges College speech in 1988, adding: “I remember that even though it was a clearly anti-federalist speech… each other better.

“I believe we can’t afford to spend more time fighting a so-called zero-sum game. ”


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