Britney Spears to make rare remarks to guardianship judge – .

Britney Spears to make rare remarks to guardianship judge – .

LOS ANGELES – In the most eagerly awaited hearing in years, Britney Spears is expected to address a judge overseeing the guardianship who has controlled the pop star’s money and affairs since 2008.

If Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny does not make a last-minute ruling on Wednesday to seal the case, Spears’ words will be heard in open court for the first time in 13 years of guardianship.

The hearing was eagerly awaited by fans of the so-called #FreeBritney movement, who believe it is being unfairly controlled against its will and are likely to gather in large numbers outside the courthouse.

Spears, who is to participate remotely, has requested the hearing so that she can go directly to court.

His court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham III, requested it at a hearing on April 28. He gave no indication of what the 39-year-old pop star means.

But in recent court records, Spears has sought to have more say in who runs the guardianship and demanded that his father, who had extensive power over his life and money for most of his existence, be removed from office. .

Spears has stated through Ingham that she feared her father James Spears and that she would not end a 2.5 year hiatus in his career while he was in control.

The judge refused to remove James Spears entirely, although he now plays a smaller role. He is co-custodian of his finances with property management company Bessemer Trust and, in 2019, ceded his role as curator of his daughter’s life choices to a court-appointed professional.

Last week, Britney Spears said on Instagram that she was not sure whether to perform live again.

“I have no idea,” she said, responding to a fan who asked her when she was planning to take the stage. “I’m having fun right now. I am in a transition in my life and I am having fun. So that’s it. “

Britney Spears has spoken in guardianship court before, but the courtroom has always been cleaned and the transcripts sealed.

The last time she was known to address the judge was in May 2019.

Spears has since called for more court transparency since then, and Penny has allowed many more to remain public.

The singer has never asked the court to end the guardianship entirely, although she has stressed in documents that she reserves the right to do so at any time.

It was set up while she was going through a mental health crisis in 2008. She credited him with saving her from financial ruin and making her a top pop star.

Her father and lawyers have stressed that she and her fortune, with court records of more than $ 50 million, remain vulnerable to fraud and manipulation. By law, the onus would be on Spears to prove that she is competent to be released and free to make her own choices.


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