Britney Spears on Conservation, ‘Fake’ and Court Appearance – Deadline – .

Britney Spears on Conservation, ‘Fake’ and Court Appearance – Deadline – .

It turns out Britney Spears didn’t say everything she had to say in court yesterday about the restrictive guardianship that has governed her life and career since 2008.

Just over 24 hours after telling a Los Angeles Superior Court judge and fans around the world by phone that she thought “this guardianship is abusive” and “I want my life back,” Spears s ‘is taken to social media today to highlight the not entirely accurate picture she’s presented in recent years.

“I apologize for pretending I was fine the past two years… I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me,” the singer wrote of ” ..Baby One More Time ”. “Believe it or not, pretending I’m okay really helped,” Spears added – as you can see in the post below.

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Britney Spears wants to end restrictive conservation; “I want my life back,” the singer told Court

Stunning DTLA listeners and #FreeBritney advocates with her rare court appearance and forced drug revelations that make her feel ‘drunk’, an IUD she is not allowed to remove and virtually every aspect With her daily life, profession and finances under scrutiny, Spears bluntly exclaimed that she wanted to end the long-term control her father and the appointed officials have over her and her further fortune. of $ 50 million. However, at least until today, the 39-year-old multi-platinum artist has yet to file documents with LASC Judge Brenda Penny to have guardianship discontinued or even increased.

Along with the likely replacement of Spears’ attorney Samuel D. Ingham III, a decision to at least press the Guardianship’s pause button is expected in the coming weeks. A high-profile July 14 that is on Judge Penny’s calendar could see the first steps in that process.

Although she saw her freedom curtailed 13 years ago following a series of public performances and hospital stays, Spears never really stopped producing albums, tours and even a residency. in Las Vegas from 2013 until she suddenly announced “an indefinite work disruption”. in 2019.

Without custody of her two now teenage sons, Spears said on Wednesday she was in no rush to return to the studio or on stage. Along with reuniting with her agency, Spears’ top priority appears to be to marry her longtime boyfriend and have another child.

Spears wasn’t the only member of his family to take fans backstage today, so to speak. Her boyfriend Sam Asghari on Thursday shared playful footage of the duo in a private jet on their IG – no word on whether the footage was recent or not.

Getaways or not, the renewed general attention to Spears’ situation has been largely spawned by the NYT product Coaching Britney Spears documentary which premiered on Hulu and FX in February. Revealing the extent of Spears’ containment and the legal quagmire she was trapped in, the doc touched fans and the rest. Another wave of support for the singer flooded social media platforms after her court appearance on Wednesday from Rose McGowan, Mariah Carey and Spears’ sometimes not-so-kind ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.


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