Brexit news: British mock France as fishermen plead for deal – “Illegal fishing for YEARS” | Politics

Brexit news: British mock France as fishermen plead for deal – “Illegal fishing for YEARS” | Politics

The UK has fought control over Brussels and EU ships must now apply for licenses to enter UK waters. Having left the bloc’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) after the Brexit transition expires, the UK is now an independent coastal state responsible for the management of its own territorial waters. The zone includes up to 12 nautical miles from the British coast and the exclusive economic zone, which stretches for 200 nautical miles.

French politician Xavier Bertrand, who represents fishing communities in the Hauts-de-France region, said hundreds of fishermen in France had been waiting for licenses since January 1.
As part of the post-Brexit trade deal negotiated by the Prime Minister, EU fishing quotas will be reduced by 25 percent over the next five years.

Last week, the first annual quotas for 70 fishing stocks were negotiated with the EU.

The new deal is valued at £ 27million more for the UK economy, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Now the British have hit France and the EU and called for a “complete ban” on French fishermen in British waters.
An reader said: “Almost 70 trade deals signed in less than six months.

“Brexit won! “

Another added: “Countries all over the world trust the British.

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“If they provide the papers then fine, we have a deal, but no paperwork, no fishing. Simple. “

Someone else commented: ‘A complete ban on French fishermen would help keep fish in UK waters.

Another wrote: “Wait until EU fishing quotas start going down to zero by 2025 and they have to renegotiate.

“British fishermen should start building their fleets so that we can get the lion’s share. “

A sixth reader said that the EU has supported this “illegal fishing” for years and complains that it has no stocks in its waters.

They said: “So there are hundreds of French fishermen who have never registered their activities in British waters, so have no history of having fished them and therefore are not entitled to a license?”

“They should be fined and their boats burnt.

“The EU has supported this illegal fishing for years and they wonder why they don’t have stocks in their waters?

“Imagine the uproar if it was about poaching of British ships. “

Another reader added: “The country trying to punish us is whining that it cannot take our fish.

“They should really learn the art of diplomacy and give and take. “


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