Brexit LIVE: UK ‘was right’ to leave! ‘ Investors Flock to Global Britain | United Kingdom

Brexit LIVE: UK ‘was right’ to leave! ‘ Investors Flock to Global Britain | United Kingdom

As the country marks five years since the historic referendum, the Independent Business Network (IBN) looked at doomsday predictions that many Remainers say would have occurred in the event of a Brexit. His report dismissed many of them, showing instead that Global Britain continues to attract international investment in droves.

The report also criticized “pro-remnant” economic and trade groups, including the IMF, OECD and CBI, for repeatedly underestimating the benefits of leaving the EU.
John Longworth, IBN President, said: “The UK’s decision to leave the EU five years ago has turned out to be the right one.

“Continued GDP growth has beaten all expectations of Remain, the ability to write our own regulations has kept The City the number one destination in Europe for financial services investments, and we are off to a good start in enter into mutually beneficial trade agreements with the rest of the world.

“Not only does this report serve to underscore how many Brexit critics were wrong in 2016 with their predictions, but it serves above all as a warning to those in power.

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“A warning that they should stop listening to political advice from groups such as the CBI that only lip service to Brexit to remain relevant.
“Those who didn’t support Brexit back then shouldn’t be giving policy advice to profit from Brexit now.

“We are in an excellent position to achieve great growth. But to get there, we need the right policies in place.

“Prioritizing family-owned and owned businesses, which have been the backbone of our economy since the end of WWII, is essential to ensure that the government not only achieves super growth, but does so in a sustainable manner, which does not risk overheating our economy and will contribute to the desired leveling program. “

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The report’s findings reflect an attractiveness survey carried out by accounting firm EY, which found that the UK, France and Germany are virtually linked in their attractiveness to foreign investors.

He also said the UK ranks first among investors for the most credible and investment-friendly post-Covid stimulus packages.


Update 9:49 am: Elton John attacks Johnson over Brexit impact on live performance

Elton John attacked the UK government for failing to acknowledge how Brexit hit musicians and touring artists.

Speaking to the Observer New Review, the veteran star said Boris Johnson’s administration had no understanding of the huge income normally generated by British artists working overseas.

“I am furious with what the government did with Brexit,” he said.

“They have nothing planned for the entertainment industry, and not just for musicians, actors and directors, but for the teams, the dancers, the people who make their living going to Europe.

“We talked to Lord Strasburger about it, and we talked to Lord Frost, but we didn’t really end up with him.

” It’s a nightmare. For young people who are starting a career, it is crucifying.

Update at 9:32 am: “The fear of the project was the illusion of the project! »Brexit ‘EXCEEDS’ expectations – strong growth forecast

Brexit was an “unadulterated success” that “exceeded expectations” and prepared the country for decades of growth and innovation, said Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

The senior cabinet minister’s verdict came in an article to mark the fifth anniversary of the historic EU referendum result on June 23 last week. This is a report by the Independent Business Network (IBN), chaired by former Brexit Party MEP John Longworth, which concluded that the Remainer’s “Project Fear” turned out to be a Project. Delusion.

He believes the UK is “on the path to strong economic growth”.

Mr Kwarteng said that despite the covid pandemic, ‘Britain is already reaping the rewards’ of the 2016 vote, highlighting the success of the vaccine program, shaking up EU aid rules state, using new powers to encourage research and development, and pointing to analysis that shows the UK is the number one destination for foreign investors in Europe.


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