Brandon Moreno stops Deiveson Figueiredo in rematch – –

Brandon Moreno stops Deiveson Figueiredo in rematch – –

The UFC crowned a new flyweight champion on Saturday night after Brandon Moreno subdued Deiveson Figueiredo at 2:26 of the third round.

Figueiredo and Moreno first met in December. The 125-pounder fought for a majority draw. With this result, Figueiredo retained the title. The rematch served as the main co-event for UFC 226, which took place on Saturday at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Ariz.

Before the rematch, Figueiredo was confident: “I’m going to knock this guy out in the first or second round. I wasn’t 100% in the first fight. He says that I have no potential, that my hands are not heavy. I’ll show him he’s wrong about what he thinks of me. I’m the kind of guy who can arouse that anger in me when my opponent starts talking nonsense.

Moreno wasn’t as daring as his opponent, but he seemed to know he had to make a big statement at UFC 263: “I have to end this rivalry with this guy. I have to finish this guy. I want to be a champion. I work so hard. I’m young, I’m 27, but I’m 10 as a professional, I’m 15 in this sport working so hard, I just dreamed all night about the belt around my waist. I just need to finish this guy.

Moreno was incredibly aggressive from the start of the contest. Comparing Figueiredo’s striking numbers in the two fights shows a pronounced difference. In the first five minutes of his first fight against Moreno, Figueiredo attempted 55 important strikes and landed 28. At UFC 263, Figueiredo scored 24 for 36 for the duration of the 12:26 fight.

With the victory, Moreno became the first UFC champion born in Mexico.

Below you will find an overview of the statistics for the Figueiredo vs Moreno match.

UFC 263: Figueiredo against Moreno

Statistics Deiveson Figueiredo Brandon Moreno
Statistics Deiveson Figueiredo Brandon Moreno
Reversals 0 1
Sig. The strikes have landed 24 47
Total number of strikes won 33 71
Sig. Percent of strike landing 66 55
Takedowns landed 1 2
Submission attempts 0 2
Sig hits the landed head 9 29
Sig hits the landed body 11 9
Sig hits the landed leg 4 9
Sig Strikes Landing Distance 14 36
Sig hits melee 1 4
Say frappe le sol 9 6
Control time 1:30 4:49


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