“Bling Empire” star Kane Lim accused of spreading “Asian hatred” – –

“Bling Empire” star Kane Lim accused of spreading “Asian hatred” – –

One of the stars of Netflix’s “Bling Empire” has been arraigned for allegedly spreading Asian hatred by denouncing a famous sushi restaurant – but he yells right away… respectfully, calling BS.

the chef from Yamashiro, Vallerie Castillo Archer, took the jab personally, and also made an allegation against Lim and his buddies… saying they were helping to spread hatred against their own race.

She wrote, in part… “How can we promote Stop Asian Hate when we are the ones who publicly hate Asians? She added that she found Lim’s remarks offensive to the cause.

Despite how Vallerie interpreted Lim’s comments, he tells TMZ that she was wrong and somehow made a mountain out of a molehill. Kane says her remarks were simply based on her own dining experience in Yamashiro a few years ago – and not aimed directly at herself, her job, or her staff. He just didn’t dig the food there, period.

Having said that, Kane adds this… “It’s unfortunate that it has reached that level. I understand how this has been interpreted and I am disappointed that it has turned into an Asian hate affair. “

Kane goes on to make it clear that he does NOT hate his own race, and when it comes to Val… he’s more than willing to redeem himself and give Yamashiro another chance. In fact, we are told that they are planning to meet and resolve the issue in the near future.


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