Billions of Passwords Leaked in Biggest Online Data Breach – National – –

Billions of Passwords Leaked in Biggest Online Data Breach – National – –

Changing your password can be annoying. But with the rise of online scams and a recent data breach believed to be the largest in history, it may be time to swap “password 1234” for something less obvious.

Hackers have exposed more than 8.4 billion passwords in what Cyber ​​News, a cybersecurity website, calls “RockYou2021”.

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Financial expert Kelley Keehn recently joined The morning show to discuss how this leak might affect Canadians and tips to protect yourself from online scams.

According to Statista, there are nearly 4.7 billion active Internet users in the world.

“This compilation potentially includes the passwords of the entire world’s population roughly twice,” says Keehn.

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You can check if your data has been hacked on Cyber ​​News.

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Keehn recommends choosing a password that does not include your personal information and is not easy to guess.

“It’s not as complex as you might think,” she says, adding that an uppercase letter, a few numbers, and a symbol can go a long way.

Many of us have relied heavily on the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic and Keehn says we can expect online scams to increase.

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Data exposure includes more than what we share on our social media accounts and can include smaller actions like entering your email for a discount on a website, she adds.

“We are sharing our information more than ever,” says Keehn. “Criminals are behind these attacks and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. “

For more information on the biggest password cracker and how to protect yourself, watch the full video above.

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