Biden says NATO must protect itself from ‘bogus populism’ – –

Biden says NATO must protect itself from ‘bogus populism’ – –

“We must eradicate the corruption that siphons our forces, guard against those who would fuel hatred and division for political ends as bogus populism, invest in strengthening the institutions that underpin and protect our cherished democratic values,” he said, later adding: “This is how we will prove that democracy and our alliance can still prevail against the challenges of our time and meet the needs and needs of our people. “

Biden adopted the harsh tone as he spoke with reporters in Brussels, Belgium, following his first NATO summit, seeking to restore the defense alliance’s confidence in US leadership. The comments also precede his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for which he is preparing intensely, officials say.

Biden specifically referred to his predecessor’s policies as part of a trend towards ‘bogus populism’, telling reporters he had tried to allay fears of post-tenure leaders of President Donald Trump who doubted the role of America on the world stage.

“What I tell them is: look at me. I mean, I’m not saying anything, frankly, I’m just getting out. People, like I said before, have no doubts that I mean what I say, ”Biden said. “And they believe I keep my promises when I say so. I don’t make any promises to anyone that I don’t think it’s extremely likely to be kept. “

Responding to a question about how the American allies were shaken by the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, Biden said: “I think it’s a shock and a surprise that what happened in terms of consequence of President Trump’s bogus populism has occurred. ”
Biden said it was “disappointing” to see some Republicans reluctant to undertake an investigation into the insurgency “because they fear being primaries.”

“But at the end of the day, we’ve been through times like this in American history before, where there has been this reluctance to attempt your re-election due to the nature of your party’s politics right now. I think it’s pass; I don’t mean pass easily. This is why it is so important that I am successful in my program, ”continued Biden.

During his tenure, Trump publicly insulted NATO allies. He has also repeatedly pressured allies over their financial commitments to shared defense and reduced the US contribution to NATO’s direct budget, casting doubt on the country’s long-term role. in the transatlantic partnership.

Biden said on Monday that he expects to see a merger with Republicans on many issues on his agenda, adding that “it’s important that we demonstrate that we can make progress … and I think we will. be able to do it. So like I said, the proof will be where it is, you know, six months from now we’re where we are. “

The president made the comments after meeting with the 30-member defense alliance, as well as a number of one-on-one leaders.

He also strongly defended the collective defense clause of Article 5, which states that an attack on one of the alliance’s allies would be an attack on all. The President also said that “everyone in this room understands the shared appreciation that America is back.”


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