Ashland Locke has terminal cancer – –

Ashland Locke has terminal cancer – –

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Every episode of Young & Restless is packed with interactions, dialogue, and characters jumping from place to place, and yet it’s a nap. The plots lack imagination and still fail to deliver great drama and / or resonate emotionally. Lots of teased “shocks” never really materialize. So instead, we live for the individual scenes that * resonate * for our soap opera solution. Fortunately, there were quite a few.

Drop the breadcrumbs

Amanda’s storyline has the building blocks to work in a big way, but the potential gets lost in the details of this murder case. Throwing in tiny chunks of new information that are supposed to qualify as mind-blowing new developments causes it to hang around. The writers here are dropping breadcrumbs on the death of someone we’ve never known, when they should be focusing on what really makes us care about this story – that’s that is, the angle of emotional family drama. The best scenes this week have been the interactions between Amanda, Sutton, Naya, and Imani at Society for this reason. As for the plot, there is clearly a cover-up going on. I hope that will be revealed soon and that we can move forward with the family dynamic. I would also love to see scenes with the family acknowledging Devon’s connection to Hilary. Do you remember her ?!

At free ends

Young and restless really dropped the ball when it came to Sally. They had the perfect setup for Sally and Phyllis to engage in a redhead battle; something people were drooling over seeing, but instead they have La Spectra on video calls and inexplicably still pushing Summer – which doesn’t even make sense at this point. Is Jack really going to want Sally to run JCV even though Summer is gone, given the way he sees her now? Speaking of which, why hasn’t Jack had a conversation with Lauren about it? Related, I don’t expect the Bold & Beautiful crossover with Eric Forrester to be much, but it’ll be cool to see it.


Did anyone else want to slap Billy as he lashed out at Jack about Ashland so relentlessly? You would think he was running the National investigator the way he’s so focused on dirt and gossip all over the world. Or back to Choppy style.

Throw us a bone

The story of ‘Kyle’s a Daddy’ has been a classic case of ‘show us, don’t tell us’. You can have ten characters repeating daily that Kyle and Tara have a bond, or that Kyle bonded with Harrison, but if we don’t see it for ourselves, the story will have minimal emotional impact on the story, whoever she is. turns out to be. Throw us at least one bone and ask Tara to take a sinister look at the camera to indicate she’s manipulating, to help us invest more. Sure, there will be some sad scenes if Summer gets hurt or if Harrison doesn’t turn out to be Kyle’s, but honestly fans are talking more about Tara wearing a white dress at the park and Phyllis eating that bun in the park. cinnamon than them. about the plot. At least fans are getting lighter moments from it:

New dynamic Newman

I appreciate the change in dynamics between Victor, Adam and Nick, and I was happy that they started a scene with Adam confronting Rey in order to show that he hadn’t completely lost his advantage. Detective’s dance moves were fun this week, but Rey speaks for Sharon (who was just standing there) when he told Adam to stay away from them annoyed me endlessly. She can speak for herself.

Anyway, back to the Newmans. Nikki’s scenes with Adam and Victoria this week showed me that they were trying to use her in a different way, and I’m not opposed to it. They’ve also turned things around with Victoria since she entered Ashland’s orbit. She’s more sassy and it’s fun to watch. I’m not sure I believe she would have spoken to Nikki as candidly as she did when she called her about her “co-dependent” relationship with Victor, but damn it if it wasn’t. funny to watch. And that’s a perfect example of what I mean about getting our dose of soapy drama out of certain interactions. More info on Victoria and Ashland and the mind-boggling plot below.

Nikki watching Victoria talk to Ashland was gold.

Oh Snap

Michael and Rey dancing around the topic of Chloe being a prop was weird. Will they solve the case or not? Anyway, while I’m not thrilled with another Chloe and Chelsea fashion company, I’m happy to see Chloe showcasing more, and Chelsea are totally getting ready to take pictures which is amazing. I wonder if her phrase about having to find a way out of there will lead her to escape – just in time for Melissa Claire Egan’s maternity leave maybe?

Compose the drama

Are we heading towards an Elena / Nate / Imani triangle? If Elena doesn’t take the job offer in Baltimore, I guess so. Hoping they find a way to take it to the “next level”. In relation, it was very strange how Elena got on with Nate (basically asking him to give him a reason to stay) and then two episodes later the conversation still hadn’t been seen again.

Spoiler alert!

* If you avoid the teasers, you won’t want to read the rest *

Ashland Locke Choc

Anyone who’s seen next week’s preview at the end of Friday’s episode knows there’s something big going on with Ashland. Just as he and Victoria were fondling the idea of ​​getting involved, and the fans are magnet I might add – boom – writers give him terminal cancer with only six months to live (as detailed in Collection of serials). If that doesn’t hit like a punch in the guts! One of the most promising power couples in ages and it isn’t. Either Ashland is lying, and is part of a grand plan to get everyone to let their guard down to prove that he is, in fact, the most ruthless man imaginable, or it’s true, and the powers that be have decided to pivot in that direction due to the availability of Richard Burgi (or his absence).

And that’s right, hopefully we have six months of Victoria and Ashland to live on, so we can at least have that. I’ll add here, for the record, that if they find a way to talk about Billy, they will ruin it.

If it is a scam, then should means a big melodramatic twist with an eye opener down the road. What do you think of all this? How do you think – or do you hope – this will play out? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

It’s just my opinion. Please feel free to join the conversation below, but first take a few minutes to “ooh” and “ahh” to the photos of the cutest soap kids in our new gallery!

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