Apple Daily leaves Hong Kong to tell readers “until we meet again” – .


HONG KONG — After 22 years in the Apple Daily newsroom, Norman Choy said he felt like the obituary editor on his last shift on Wednesday as he dealt with article after article on the disappearance of his own newspaper, the latest victim of the Chinese campaign to crush dissent. on Chinese territory.
“Hong Kong lost Apple Daily because Hong Kong lost its voice,” Choy said, attributing the newspaper’s popularity to its connections with readers, channeling their hopes for democracy and human rights and s opposing Beijing’s rampant control over the city. “The government had to shut us down because it no longer wants to hear those voices. “
In its final hours, the newsroom became history after Apple Daily announced that Thursday’s print newspaper would be its last, after the government choked its funding and National Security Police arrested some of its leaders.
Crowds of cameras from other media have documented Apple Daily reporters skipping meals and breaks to meet their last deadlines. Journalists described contrasting scenes in the newspaper’s closing days. Some documents shredded, packed their desks and cried while taking selfies to remember the place. Others were typing silently at work. Before the ax fell, some reporters wondered whether to stop and feel regret or risk the dangers of staying. The decision was made for them.
After midnight on Thursday, Apple Daily’s presence practically disappeared from the Internet: its website thanked readers and showed instructions on how to cancel their subscriptions on the Google app. He closed his Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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