Applause muffles boos as England and Scotland kneel at Wembley ahead of Euro 2020 shock – .

Applause muffles boos as England and Scotland kneel at Wembley ahead of Euro 2020 shock – .

England and Scotland kneeling ahead of their Euro 2020 meeting were greeted with support from the majority of the crowd at Wembley.
Both groups of players and staff knelt in support of racial equality just before the Group D match kicked off.

Although there were boos from some supporters, they were quickly overwhelmed by the applause and cheers from most of the 21,500 fans in attendance.

England boss Gareth Southgate and his players have pledged to kneel down ahead of each of their Euro 2020 matches this summer.

Scotland, meanwhile, made a U-turn after initially deciding not to make the gesture.

English and Scottish players got on their knees ahead of kick-off

Steve Clarke’s team discussed the possibility of kneeling down and decided they would “take a stand” instead to show their support for racial equality.

But Scotland captain Andy Robertson later confirmed his side would join England by falling to Wembley turf as a one-off act.

“The Scottish team stands against racism but we will kneel against ignorance and in solidarity on June 18,” Robertson said in a statement.

“We have collectively decided to take the knee as a team again for the game against England at Wembley Stadium.

“It’s clear, given the events around the England national team, taking the knee in this tournament is important as a symbol of solidarity.

“In Scotland the football family has stood against racism all season. It was our collective opinion that the national team would do the same. “

Director Clarke has suggested Scotland is the target of “conflicting and inaccurate comments” as it decides how to voice its opposition to racism.

“We will continue to take a stand – together as one – for our matches at Hampden Park,” he said.

“For our match at Wembley, we will stand against racism and kneel against ignorance. “

Meanwhile, the FA released a pre-match statement imploring fans not to boo the opposition’s national anthem or players on both sides to kneel down.

“On behalf of the manager and the team, please support England in the right way, before, during and after the match,” the statement read.

“It includes showing respect to every national anthem before the game. We are playing at home and we need the fans to fully support the team.

“We are very happy that the English and Scottish players show unity by putting the knee before kick-off.

“We thank the Scottish team for this show of solidarity as together we underline our common values ​​of respect and equality.

“Please respect the players as they kneel down as they continue to highlight and challenge discrimination in all its forms.

“Football is about celebrating pride and passion, not shouting insults or discrimination. We hope everyone enjoys the day and shows their support in a way that will make their country proud, both inside and outside Wembley Stadium. “

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