Annamie Paul slams her candidacy to oust her as leader of the Green Party – National – –

Annamie Paul slams her candidacy to oust her as leader of the Green Party – National – –

During the meeting, the Federal Council threatened her with a vote of no confidence if she did not repudiate a former adviser from her office whom many party members – including the two remaining Green MPs – hold responsible for the defection of MP Jenica Atwin from the Greens. to the Liberals.

In a narrow 5-to-4 vote, the board called on Paul and Nanaimo MP Paul Manly “to hold a joint statement and press conference where Annamie Paul would reject Noah Zatzman’s attacks and explicitly support the GPC caucus. “.

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    </div>  Zatzman, une conseillère de Paul, avait menacé de travailler pour vaincre Atwin lors des prochaines élections générales après qu'elle se soit adressée à Twitter pour fustiger la déclaration de Paul sur le récent conflit Israël-Hamas.</p><div class="l-article__part" data-shortcode="readmore">        <p class="c-readmore">
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            Le Parti vert prend des mesures qui pourraient mener à la destitution de la chef Annamie Paul           

</div>Cette décision est intervenue moins d'une semaine après qu'Atwin ait franchi le pas, qualifiant les querelles internes entre les Verts du conflit Israël-Hamas de « distraction » sur sa sortie.

Paul won the leadership in October of last year with 54% of the vote in the eighth ballot. Paul’s 12,090 votes put him ahead of runner-up Dimitri Lascaris in a race that saw 69% of party members vote.

Speaking on Wednesday, Paul said she felt she was subject to a different set of rules than her predecessor had to deal with.

“A lot of times when people like me are elected or appointed to leadership positions, the rules of the game seem to change,” said Paul.

“Collaboration and collegiality don’t mean giving up. It does not mean to be brought into line.

What’s next for the Green Party after losing a third of the caucus?

What’s next for the Green Party after losing a third of the caucus?

The internal party feuds have been going on for months now.

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    </div>  Global News a obtenu une lettre envoyée au conseil fédéral du parti fin novembre 2020. Cette lettre faisait état d'un « modèle de mauvaise gouvernance » au sein du Parti vert.

Former acting party leader Jo-Ann Roberts, the party’s 2019 national campaign manager Jonathan Dickie, a former chairman and a former vice-chairman were among those who signed the November letter. It is not known, however, whether these people played a role in the latest push to oust Paul.

“They have these internal conflicts and it really stops their momentum a lot,” Dickie said in an interview with Global News in February.

“I could see the downsides ahead of the next election where it might be more difficult for Annamie to position the party. “

Amid the internal turmoil, Paul told reporters on Wednesday she would “take the time to think it over.”

The comment came as a response to one of three questions in total that she posed to reporters at the press conference. She also criticized a journalist, who insisted for clarity, on the “tone” he used.

Before leaving the room, Paul added that she supported the Green Party caucus, although she did not always agree with all of their views.

“I disagree with many of the views expressed by our MPs, but of course they are welcome to express them – and everyone knows that is the philosophy of the Green Party,” said Paul.

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    </div>  « Je soutiens nos députés, je soutiens nos députés, je soutiens nos députés. »

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