Andrew Neil launches GB News with some technical difficulties – –

Andrew Neil launches GB News with some technical difficulties – –

Anrew Neil launched his new GB News channel to feature his ‘anti-awakened’ co-stars by saying ‘we are proud to be British – the clue is in the name’.

The chairman of the new channel told viewers that GB News would cover ‘the stories that matter to you and those that have been overlooked’ and offer ‘a wide range of voices that reflect the views and values ​​of our UK’.

But the launch was marred by technical difficulties, with one of the star guests, Nigel Farage, apparently canceled because he was interrupted by a Co-Op pizza ad.
Farage had lambasted Black Lives Matter for trying to bring down Western civilization and was set to give his opinion on whether Boris Johnson had “woken up” after his G7 speech promising to rebuild in a “neutral way” in terms of gender ”before being cut. .
The former Brexit Party leader did not reappear after the break.
Dan Wootton’s next guest, Sir Alan Sugar, was also briefly interrupted. Sir Alan Sugar joked: ‘You have a technological problem over there – you could be using one of my old computers. “
In his opening monologue, Andrew Neil said: “GB News will not slavishly follow the existing news program. We are not a 24 hour news channel and we will not provide conventional newsletters. But across all of our programs and platforms, you’ll always know what’s going on and what the country is talking about. “
He added: “GB News will not be another echo chamber for the metropolitan state of mind that already dominates so much of the media. Our explicit goal is to empower those who feel their stories, opinions, concerns have been ignored or diminished. We are proud to be British. The clue is in the name.
He introduced his “strong personality” hosts including former Sky reporters Kirsty Gallagher and Colin Brazier, trainee winner Michelle Dewberry and Mercy Muroki.
“I didn’t study journalism at university,” former Brexit Party candidate Michelle Dewberry said proudly before adding that she joined the channel because she was “fed up” with being called racist or xenophobic.
Colin Brazier said the gap between mainstream media reporting and real life was widening as a reason for joining.


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