‘An advantage’ – Marcel Brands on Rafa Benitez’s appointment to Everton – .

‘An advantage’ – Marcel Brands on Rafa Benitez’s appointment to Everton – .

Everton director of football Marcel Brands has promised new manager Rafael Benitez honesty and “integrity” after the Spaniard’s appointment to Goodison Park.
Brands admitted he was ‘unhappy’ to have worked with three different managers during his three years at the club – where he recently signed a new contract – but hopes Benitez can provide stability ahead of the stadium move at Bramley-Moore Dock.

The Dutchman has not been pictured in any of the club’s official images or videos following the appointment of the former Liverpool manager as he is due to be quarantined after being abroad.

Brands told Benitez’s evertonfc.com: “I think it’s always an advantage if you have the experience of winning trophies because it’s always something special.

“I hope his experience will help us earn the silverware we were looking for.

“The level of the Premier League is increasing every year.

“The team, the staff and the manager should be on top. His experience and the fact that he is busy 24 hours a day with football will hopefully help us succeed in the most competitive league in the world.

“If you watch the England game [the 2-0 Euro 2020 win over Germany] and the quality of the team on the pitch and on the bench is incredible. I think it shows everywhere in the Premier League.

Brands believes one of his ‘most important strengths’ in his role as director of football is his ‘confidence’, but revealed he craves stability to implement his long-term plan at Everton.

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He continued: “Unfortunately, in the three years that I have worked for Everton, we have already had three different managers.

“I hope that now, with the new director, we can create [stability] for a longer period.

“My job is to support and facilitate as much as possible the manager, the staff and the football department.

“I hope my experience will help him too.

“I think one of my most important strengths is that a manager can trust me, that I will always be honest.

“Integrity is a key word for me in working with people – not only with the manager but also with the people around me.

“This is what I have done for the past 25 years and this is what I will always do – I am someone people can count on and this is what I will do with Rafa as well. “


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