Amy Winehouse’s Family “Feels Betrayed” by Revealing Book Written by Her Best Friend – .

Amy Winehouse’s Family “Feels Betrayed” by Revealing Book Written by Her Best Friend – .

Amy Winehouse’s family reportedly felt ‘betrayed’ after the singer’s best friend published a book revealing their time together.
The singer’s family had planned to mark the tenth anniversary of her tragic death at the age of 27 in 2011 with a documentary.

Still, it has been reported that Amy’s close friend Tyler James, who first met the singer in acting school when he was 12, upset the family with his version of events. in his book.

The Sun reported that her parents, Janis and Mitch, are insisting her memories are bogus.

Amy Winehouse’s family reportedly felt “betrayed”

Her book, My Amy: The Life We Shared, was published last week and detailed how Sheridan Smith helped save Amy’s life two years before her death.

But his family were particularly upset after believing that Tyler would be the only person who wouldn’t try to cash in on his fame.

A source told the publication: “Tyler had been close since he was a teenager and they considered him one of their own. But they have not been informed or consulted about this book. “

Amy’s close friend Tyler James wrote a revealing book

They continued that Mitch and Janis were particularly upset that Tyler claimed to be the only friend who had not been paid to be with Amy towards the end of his life and that he had failed to mention his other friends, as well as his fiancé. Reg Traviss.

The insider added, “After all of the financial support Amy and her family have given Tyler, hearing these claims from him left a bad taste in your mouth. “

Tyler’s allegations shocked Amy’s family

The family were also reportedly upset by the way Amy was portrayed in the book and her claim that he was the only person trying to help her fight her demons.

“The key people in his life have been left behind. Tyler presents himself as the only one trying to help Amy while others exploit her, ”they continued.

A spokesperson told the publication, “Amy’s parents are disappointed that Tyler went ahead with this book without consulting them, and dispute many of his claims. “


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