‘American Idol’ sensation Casey Bishop could make some great dough on tour – –

‘American Idol’ sensation Casey Bishop could make some great dough on tour – –

Sensation « American Idol » Casey Bishop may have to put her summer plans on hold… as it looks like she’s on track to make a nice big change if she is chosen for the live tour.

The 16-year-old high school student from Fort Myers, Fla. Could make a lot of money if all goes well… starting with her selection for the “AI” tour.

According to her minor’s contract, obtained by TMZ, Casey would earn $ 1,750 / week for her musical performances, $ 1,200 / week for rehearsals and $ 500 per non-musical appearance at events like meetups. She also gets a share of the profits from the tour.

Live “AI” tours are usually 50 date tours… so Casey could live it big this summer. For info: the tour contracts are drawn up before the “Idol” competition, and all the first 24 sign them.

The tour roster has yet to be announced, but Casey finished fourth after shaking up her performances – she had some impressive renditions of Billie Eilish and Motley Crue hits – so she has a good shot.

BTW… if the “AI” fan favorite had won it all, she could have scored a sweet $ 250,000 advance on her recording deal… and done even more with sales and royalties.

In the meantime… Casey is getting ready for her back-to-school concert on June 19 at Buddha LIVE in Fort Myers. Nice warm-up for his probable summer job.


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