All new cars and light trucks sold in Canada will be electric by 2035, liberals say – .

All new cars and light trucks sold in Canada will be electric by 2035, liberals say – .

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The Liberal government said on Tuesday it was stepping up its target when it wants every new light vehicle sold in Canada to be electric.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra has said that by 2035 all new cars and light trucks sold in the country will be zero-emission vehicles.

Until now, the government had set 2040 the target for which it wants all passenger vehicles sold to be powered by this technology rather than petroleum.

Alghabra cited a recent report by the Paris-based International Energy Agency, which indicates that by 2035, almost all new light vehicle sales will need to be electric to achieve net zero emissions by the middle. of the century.

By 2050, Canada is committed to ensuring that its economy does not emit greenhouse gas emissions or that it offsets this heat-trapping pollution that causes climate change by others. measures.

After the oil and gas sector, transportation has historically been the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, with light trucks and cars together being the main culprits in this category.

“Let me just say our goal is ambitious, without a doubt, but it’s a must,” Alghabra said of the new electric vehicle goal.

“We think it’s doable. It takes determination, it takes focus, it takes effort. “

$ 600 million rebate program, but more funds needed

It also takes money.

Alghabra cited how the government has already poured at least $ 600 million into a rebate program that gives consumers a break from buying new electric vehicles in the hope of having more on the road.

“We know we need to do more,” Alghabra said Tuesday, explaining that the program would be expanded to include more categories of vehicles, including those that are in use. He did not provide a specific figure on what the changes might cost.

The existing program offers buyers an initial discount of up to $ 5,000 or $ 2,500, and sellers must then claim the incentives for reimbursement.

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