All adults invited to book a jab as Freedom Day “may be brought forward” – .

All adults invited to book a jab as Freedom Day “may be brought forward” – .

Anyone over the age of 18 has been asked to organize a vaccination if they have not already had one. The NHS is due to send around 1.5 million text messages to people between the ages of 18 and 20 from Friday morning.

It comes amid reports that the end of coronavirus restrictions could be brought forward by two weeks if Covid data continues to improve.

Real-world data on vaccine effectiveness so far has proven to be more positive than assumptions, the MailOnline reported. This could persuade the government to move Freedom Day forward by two weeks to July 19.

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Moscow extends coronavirus restrictions, closes Euro 2020 fan zones

Moscow will extend coronavirus restrictions imposed this week until June 29, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said today, after an increase in daily cases.
This will include banning events of more than 1,000 people, closing cafes and restaurants during the evening and closing fan zones set up for Euro 2020, Sobianin said on his blog.
He said Moscow was facing a “new, more aggressive and infectious variant of the coronavirus.”
His office this month ordered mandatory vaccinations for a number of city service workers and declared a non-work week this week. Businesses will resume work on Monday, Sobyanin said.

Wales won’t force caregivers to have a jab – Mark Drakeford

The Welsh government will not force healthcare workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has said.
Mr Drakeford told Sky News: ‘We already have very high levels of immunization among nursing home staff and we have done it through persuasion and conversation and on purpose.
“Well over 90% of our nursing home staff received a first dose and almost 90% received a second dose.
“So we continue to try to make sure that the remaining staff members are offered the vaccine, take the vaccine, but if you can do it voluntarily, I think it’s a much more solid basis for continuing to persuade them. people do the right thing.
“I definitely think they should, that’s definitely our position here, but there’s a really big step to take when you go to the strain.
‘Our belief is that in fact this would undermine our program in Wales, which has been the most successful in the UK, and has been done on the basis of people knowing that when they come in for vaccination they of course help each other, but they also help everyone.
“This feeling of voluntary participation in the program is very important to us and has been part of our success. “

The lifting of confinement “could be brought forward by two months”

The lockdown could end two weeks earlier if Covid data continues to improve, the Mail Online reports.
He says No.10 opened the door to ending current restrictions on July 5, amid “growing evidence” that the assumptions used by government scientists to justify the delay were too pessimistic.
The actual data on vaccine effectiveness has turned out to be much better than the assumptions used by scientists who built models predicting tens of thousands more deaths, he adds.

Flexible work until “negotiation” – Minister

Police Minister Kit Malthouse said the government has no intention of making a return to office mandatory, while there will be consultation on more flexible work in the future.
“It’s a situation for employers and employees to discuss and negotiate for themselves,” he told Sky News.
“I know there has been media on this for the last two or three days, we have no intention of making it mandatory to return to the office.
“Our manifesto in the last election contained a pledge to consult on more flexible working to allow people to work from home if they wish, and we will do so later this year. “

New Zealand Prime Minister gets his first blow

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received her first injection of Pfizer vaccine today.
The nation has closed its borders and used strict lockdown measures to become one of the few countries to have all but eliminated Covid, but its government faces criticism for a slow rollout of vaccines.
“I’m smiling under the mask,” Ardern said as she sat down to receive the vaccine at a vaccination center in Auckland.
“For me, I never wanted to be among the first, for me, we needed these frontline workers, but I also have to be a role model and that shows that it is safe, that it is effective and that it is really important that everyone is vaccinated when they have the chance… ”she said after receiving the vaccine.
“It’s really true when they say it’s actually pretty painless. “
AFP via Getty Images

Wales postpones changes to Covid restrictions amid spread of Delta variant

Wales is delaying further easing restrictions on coronaviruses for four weeks after seeing a spike in cases of the Delta variant of the disease first identified in India.
Wales Premier Mark Drakeford will make the announcement on Friday and is expected to encourage people to opt for their second dose of the vaccine.
The nation aims to deploy more than half a million doses over the next four weeks.
The change comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced that the final leg of England’s lockdown roadmap – which would have seen all restrictions lifted and international travel resumed on June 21 – would be delayed until July 19 due to a spike in cases.

NHS hails ‘defining moment’ as all adults urged to reserve their jab

Britons aged 18 and over can now reserve their Covid-19 vaccine in England in what the NHS has described as “a last ditch effort to protect the country”.
All adults are urged to arrange for a vaccine if they haven’t had one, and health forces will start sending around 1.5 million text messages to people aged 18 to 20 starting Friday morning.
It comes after government data up to June 16 showed that of the 72,891,861 injections already given in the UK to date, 42,216,654 were first doses – an increase from 195,565 the day before. Some 30,675,207 were second doses, an increase of 234,834.
NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens described the development as a ‘watershed moment’.


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