Alberta launches COVID-19 vaccination lottery with three million dollar prizes – –

Alberta launches COVID-19 vaccination lottery with three million dollar prizes – –

EDMONTON – Premier Jason Kenney took to Twitter on Saturday night to kick off the Alberta COVID-19 Vaccination Lottery to get people to get vaccinated and push the push to the next level of reopening.

There will be three million dollar prizes among other winnings. The top prize will be open to all Albertans aged 18 and over who receive their first dose before the province reaches the 70% threshold needed to proceed to Stage 3 of the reopening plan.

“Thank you very much to the 68% of Albertans who went out of their way to get at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine,” he said. “Thanks to you, we have crushed the spring peak of COVID and we are starting our lives back to normal. “

Kenney added in the video post that the province “just doesn’t have enough demand” for vaccines.

“That’s why Alberta is announcing today that we are launching the Summer Vaccine Lottery,” he said.

The premier had said some form of vaccine incentive could be offered by the province to boost adoption since May.

More details will be released next week on the other prizes and how the other two million dollar draws will be awarded, the premier said.

Kenney said the cost of the lottery will “easily” be covered by future savings for residents who do not contract or spread COVID-19.

“We just need to push those who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet,” Kenney said. “Please do your part, because now a vaccine shot is your $ 1 million shot as well. ”

Several Alberta businesses have offered benefits, discounts, free food or drink to those who have been immune to COVID-19. The University of Lethbridge has created a competition to award free tuition fees to nine lucky vaccinated students.

As of Saturday, about 68.5% of those eligible for vaccination in Alberta had received their first dose, an increase of 0.7% since Friday.

Over 19 percent of the population aged 12 and over in Alberta are fully immunized, representing 16.3 percent of the province’s total population.

To move to step 3 of the reopening plan, 70% or more of Albertans must receive their first vaccination.

Step 3 would lift all remaining public health restrictions and allow social gatherings indoors. It would take effect two weeks after reaching the vaccination threshold.

The winner of the first million dollar lottery will be drawn at the start of stage 3.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, 64,535 appointments are made over the next seven days for the first doses. The government anticipates that Alberta will meet the 70% threshold required for Stage 3 and begin the two-week waiting period before reopening on June 18.

“The arrival and adoption of COVID-19 vaccines in our province has accomplished extraordinary things,” Health Minister Tyler Shandro said in a statement. “It’s only fitting that we react the same way with a once-in-a-lifetime event in Alberta. This lottery is an investment in Albertans and the economic future of our province.

“I have no doubts that we will see this latest increase in vaccinations take us across the finish line to generalized immunity. “


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