Airplane anti-masks are violent and aggressive, flight attendants say – .

Airplane anti-masks are violent and aggressive, flight attendants say – .

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As of January of this year, the Federal Aviation Administration has received 2,500 reports from unruly behavior by plane passengers – a number that an FAA spokesperson said was “considerably higher” than in previous years. Most incidents involve passengers refusing to wear their masks in accordance with the federal mask warrant, and flight attendant are often responsible to deal with these at best disruptive and at worst violent travelers.

Initiated spoke to seven flight attendants from several major US carriers, all of whom said their mental health had suffered due to increased assault on passengers. A Los Angeles-based flight attendant with nearly three decades of work experience said the current level of disruptive and aggressive behavior is ” truly unprecedented. Another New York-based flight attendant said she was now constantly worried while on duty about dealing with violent passengers in the air. “Since we’re on a plane in the sky, it’s really scary to feel like you’re not in control. ” she explained.

Flight attendants said Initiated this alcohol was often involved in the most violent and aggressive of these passenger altercations, which has led some airlines to limit their offer to beer and wine, and others to stop serving alcohol fully for the time being. “When we have problems that get worse, they would be ten times worse if they were fueled by alcohol,” said one. flight attendant said Initiated. However, these incidents of “unruly” passenger behavior also occurred when the traveler was “cold sober”, a dit Colleen Burns, a union representative from the Association of Flight Attendants.

In recent months, the FAA has become more serious in tackling passenger misconduct on flights. In May, the US Department of Transportation announced over $ 100,000 in fines for four airline passengers who were accused of “interfering with and, in one case, assaulting” flight attendants. “There are still federal regulations that require a mask to be worn at all times on our planes,” said Daz, an Dallas-based flight attendant, Told Initiated. “Until that is lifted, please just follow the rules. “


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