After 3 p.m. at Waffle House, a Fantasy Football penalty is over – .

After 3 p.m. at Waffle House, a Fantasy Football penalty is over – .

He reached 2,000 calories at 6:33 pm with his fifth waffle. (Each waffle has 410 calories, not including butter and syrup, although his photos indicated that he was using a reasonable amount of both.)

At 7:19 pm he complained of “an unbelievable amount of agony for my bowels”. At 10:21 p.m., he finished his sixth waffle. It took him several hours to complete his seventh.

Overnight he was widely entertained with podcasts and a crossword that he described as “meh.” He spared the public some of the most vivid details of his physical distress. But as his tweets spread everywhere, he was joined at his table by thousands online, cheering him on. (He declined the money offers, urging people to donate to charity instead.)

He was also supported by tens of thousands of people – over 62,000 by the time he was done – liking his tweets, with thousands of comments in response. Most of them seemed nice.

At one point he posted a photo from his Week 8 fantasy football roster. It was, indeed, rubbish. He couldn’t have known that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz would implode and eventually be benched, but his talent as a running back and wide receiver was doing him a disservice.

Other fantasy football chess has already completed the ‘Waffle House challenge’ – at least two other efforts, apparently using the same rules, have garnered their fair share of attention in recent years.

Waffle House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He tweeted, however.


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