Aaron Rodgers, Packers’ dilemma set to last until training camp starts – .

Aaron Rodgers, Packers’ dilemma set to last until training camp starts – .

There haven’t been any significant developments in the Aaron Rodgers saga for quite some time now. Thursday marked the end of the OTA Packers, meaning the reigning MVP was MIA for the team’s entire offseason schedule.

His last absence was expected. What is not clear is how this drama will ultimately be determined. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported that any resolution is unlikely to be reached until the end of July.

“I would be surprised if there were tough negotiations over the next two weeks”, Rapoport said Thursday Full access to the NFL. “For me, and from the people I’ve spoken with, this is really something that will come full circle anyway, if they find the solution that Green Bay wanted, if Aaron Rodgers gets the security that he potentially wants it in the form of a new contract, which probably won’t arrive until training camp begins. ”

If Rodgers is playing for the Packers again, it would make more sense to show up to camp. There is a financial incentive to do so, but the most important thing is to be on the same page with your supporting cast for the coming season. As good as the future Hall of Famer is, it doesn’t just show up like that. Practice at some point is a must, and his willingness to miss them at the end of the summer would mean a much deeper conviction not to prepare for Green Bay.

That makes the start of training camp – July 27 in the case of the Packers – something of a deadline for these two parties. Matt LaFleur and the rest of the team didn’t just wait, of course. Rodgers’ resistance provided a major silver lining in the form of extended work for Jordan Love, whose involvement was minimal throughout his rookie year as QB3.

As the Packers embark on a six-week hiatus, LaFleur was asked to what extent this helps to have a full offseason, unlike last year, amid so many uncertainties as to which position is most. important of the match.

“The challenge is to be able to recreate this magic that we have been able to over the past two years and become a united and connected team with excellent player leadership”, LaFleur said. “We are excited about what the future may hold for us. You just have to take it day to day in terms of everything that’s going on there and control the things that you can control, and that’s the attitude, the way you prepare and the effort that you put in. daily. ”

This future, and if it is beautiful, is truly a mystery.


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